So is this really wrong?

Started by Mr. X, Mar 24, 2011, 12:04 PM

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Mr. X

A mother egging on her daughter to fight. The fight was "arranged" meaning all these people went out to watch it and the girls actively partake in it.

So I'm wondering, is this so bad? When boys fight I could see a father letting the boys duke it out to resolve the issue.
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If for no other reason, it's "bad" because it's masculine behavior, and if anything is looked down upon, it is masculine behavior in children.

Cordell Walker

hell no its not wrong
fistfights prevent columbine's
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It's better than the girls trying to hurt each other with knives or guns.
Many disputes are put to rest like this.

I took a friend many years ago to a fight with some guy he had words with earlier that day.
It was rather funny that they exchanged a few punches then shook hands, said good fight and parted.
No one was hurt and the dispute ended there.

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Maybe there's money to be made in a gym franchise "Boxing For Bitches".

The two contestants in the video weren't in the same weight class, though...
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