Is there some way we can change the colors of this forum

Started by JoeFin, Mar 24, 2011, 06:07 PM

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Honestly I can barely read any thing against the blue background. Its almost like driving at night with your headlights off
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Edited - Never mind.
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I can read it OK. Wonder if it has to do with distinguishing colors. I have the same forum software on my forum and I believe the colors can be changed fairly easily, but I am thinking that this not a priority as everyone else reads the stuff without a problem.
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It could be worse.   :sad5:
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Step 1 --  Click here:;sa=theme

Step 2 -- "Change"
At the top of the page, to the right of the words "Current theme:" click on the link for "change."

Step 3 -- Pick your theme
a.  Forum or Board Default
b.  SMF Default Theme - Core
c.  Classic YaBB SE Theme
d.  Babylon Theme

If you're having trouble with reading text that is on top of the blue background, then I would recommend option B above:  SMF Default Theme - Core.


Sheesh JD, are you implying that if our sphere of influence were properly explored,
the means to be responsible for pursuit of  our own needs have been at hand the entire time?

OK, enough whiney from me!
Good customer service info. 


So much better - thanks guys
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dr e

So much better - thanks guys

Thanks for catching this John.  Im not sure how I missed it. Actually if you want to look at the available themes and pick one or two we could put them up.  It's not really a big deal.

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