Tajik Muslims to ban text message divorces

Started by neoteny, Apr 11, 2011, 06:47 AM

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Tajik Muslims to ban text message divorces

DUSHANBE, Tajikistan - Tajik religious authorities say divorce by text message will soon be banned, as they seek to stamp out the practice in the mainly Muslim Central Asian nation.

State religious affairs committee head Abdurakhim Kholikov said Monday that sending SMSs with the "triple talaq," a Muslim ritual whereby a husband can end a marriage by reciting the term for divorce three times, breaches Islamic law.

Divorce by text message has become common in Tajikistan, particularly among migrant laborers living abroad.

Households in impoverished Tajikistan depend heavily on cash remittances and divorce usually dooms wives to deep penury.

With many marriages in Tajikistan not documented, performing "talaq" is usually a mere formality, although Islamic legal scholars have condemned the practice.


I'm sure that feminists are going to be upset over the curtailing of this easy form of divorce.
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This is going to have to be replaced by the much more difficult talaq by registered letter.


I agree.
The decree should be said aloud  in person, before at least three adult witnesses from "the community" present.

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