Man kills wife, divorce lawyer, and others

Started by The Biscuit Queen, Jun 02, 2011, 06:32 PM

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The Biscuit Queen

Note the zero sympathy for the man; the lack of background info, the lack of inquiry into his mental state, the lack of a search for reasons. Note the transfer of this man's likely only possession, his home, from his name to his ex-wife's. He was 73 and was basically made homeless from this divorce. I assume his wife chose to end the marriage, and she ended up with the home. An order of protection is used as proof of wrongdoing on his part, even though no wrongdoing is required to attain one.

Obviously killing all those people was wrong. However we have to look at what caused this man, a man with presumably no criminal record for 73 years, to snap and kill these specific people before killing himself. I can probably guess with reasonable accuracy what happened, but the majority of people wouldn't even bother to ask. They just don't care. In fact if he had only killed himself no one at all would care who he was or what happened to him.

This is just deeply sad.
he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.


Had it been a she,everybody would be making all kids of excuses for the assailant.
en are people too


If I have the dates right, the man was 62 when he married this woman.

I point that out because it shows that marriage is never really safe.

I sometimes hear that marriage is only a risk for those still in the child bearing years.

Yes, there is some truth to that, but it is also a risk for those past the child bearing age.

One reason people marry is to find "security."  They feel secure because they "have" someone to help them and support them.

However, the truth is that they "have" someone with the power to disrupt their life, severely.

A 73 year old man is obviously going to have a lot of trouble restarting his life and acquiring a new house at age 73 (it seems apparent that this is not a man of wealth).

Yes, this man may have been abusing this woman. Maybe, the woman was justified in getting a protective order, divorcing, etc.

However, equally likely, she wasn't justified. She was just "gaming" the system just like younger women do.

I am aging. You realize as you age that you do have a need for "security."

I don't think a man should look for "security" in marriage (at any age).

The only real security is self reliance.

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Had it been a she,everybody would be making all kids of excuses for the assailant.

If this had happened to a woman they'd also be asking:

#  What could we have done?

#  How did the system fail her?

#  How can we change the system so this doesn't help to future women?

#  What could have caused her to do this?

#  How can we prevent cuts in funding to women's programs and prevent even worse?
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Arizona man kills 5 before taking own life
The Associated Press Posted: Jun 2, 2011 5:10 PM ET Last Updated: Jun 2, 2011 8:58 PM ET

Yuma County Sheriff's detectives investigate a homicide at a home east of Wellton, Ariz., on Thursday. At least five people were killed and one was wounded in a series of shootings in southwest Arizona. Craig Fry/Yuma Daily Sun/Associated PressA 73-year-old man shot and killed five people, including the lawyer who represented his ex-wife in their divorce, in multiple locations Thursday in a rampage that rattled the Arizona border city of Yuma.

The suspect also wounded one person before being found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound about two hours after the first shots were fired in Yuma, a city of about 200,000. The lawyer was killed while packing up his office on his last day of work.

Yuma police identified the suspected shooter as Carey Hal Dyess of Yuma.

The timeline of events wasn't immediately clear, but police said they responded to the first call at about 9:30 a.m.

Prominent lawyer Jerrold Shelley was found dead in his downtown law office, Police Chief Jerry Geier said. Shelley represented Dyess's ex-wife in their 2006 divorce. The divorce was Dyess's fifth.

Authorities say Dyess killed four other people elsewhere in Yuma County. An adult man and woman were found dead in a small farm house outside the town of Wellton, said Yuma police Sgt. John Otero, who was helping the sheriff's office process the scene. The tree-shaded home was set back about 30 metres from a highway, with a cow pasture in front.

The suspect was found dead in another location near Wellton, about 40 kilometres east of Yuma.

It's unclear who the other victims were or where they were killed. The wounded person was flown to a Phoenix-area hospital.

The downtown shooting prompted officials to block off a city street and lock down the nearby Yuma County Courthouse and some schools. No one was injured at the courthouse or schools, and the buildings were later reopened.

Court records show Dyess was involved in two civil court cases, one in Yuma and one in nearby Wellton.

A judge issued an order of protection against Dyess in one of the cases in 2006, and a court clerk said it stemmed from Dyess's wife divorcing him. No further information was immediately available on those cases.

Court records also show the 2006 divorce was Dyess's fifth, with the previous four divorces all happening in Washington state.

Yuma attorney Amanda Taylor was friends with Shelley and described him as a good man who was dedicated to his Mormon beliefs.

She said Shelley's wife also worked in the office, and that they have two grown children.

"This is very frightening" she said. "You know, family law, that's some of the most dangerous law to practise because it's so emotional, but it's usually the younger ages when it's about custody issues."

She said Shelley was wrapping up a long career.

"He was retiring. He literally was packing up his office today," Taylor said. "He was an excellent family man. Well-respected in this community. Very kind. I'm just sick. I've lost such a good friend."



You know, family law, that's some of the most dangerous law to practise because it's so emotional

It is made emotional by the so-called justice system. If formal equality would be observed, all blame for outcomes could be attributed to lawmakers; the way family court is exercised nowadays, all players are guilty from judges to 'experts'.
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 good ol' cbc made sure there are no comments on this story


I do not condone what he did. I think he was a fool and a weakling for doing it but I understand why he did what he did. The system does this to men and expects them to just take it smile and move along. Well in this case the man had nothing to loose so he struck back at the system.
You may sleep soundly at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence upon those who seek to harm you.


Woman, 76, Starts House Fire, Shoots Self In Standoff
Peters Township Police, SWAT Team Respond To Spring Street
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