Who programs this crapola anyway?

Started by Captain Courageous, Jul 05, 2011, 02:02 PM

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Captain Courageous

Jul 05, 2011, 02:02 PM Last Edit: Jul 05, 2011, 02:05 PM by Captain Courageous
On his segment "New Rules", Bill Maher recently observed that, at the rate television shows are going, we will eventually have nothing to watch but ones about criminal investigation bureaus investigating vampires that like to dance competitively for audiences.

To this I would have to add cop shows featuring bad boy detectives that always answer to Matriarch bosses; especially loose cannon detectives that make you wonder how they ever made detective grade in the first place and who you know will never be promoted to anything higher within the department.

I would also add to Maher's observation women-dominated criminal investigation bureaus investigating gay vampires that love to dance competitively to medleys comprised of show tunes, at their wedding receptions!

Take Rizzoli and Isles for instance: Sasha Alexander reprises the character of Abby, who wasn't lesbo enough ... just Goth! Angie Harmon plays her brother, Tom Harmon, because he got away with being too "macho" in the first place ... too much of the strong silent type. NCIS morphs into "Ike and Dike". Now that's what I'm tawkin 'bout!

I used to enjoy stand-up comedy on HBO and The Comedy Channel; used to that is before so many male comics started sucking up to the females in the audience with self-deprecating soliloquies about how immature, and hopelessly retarded men are by comparison. Being a comedian is apparently one of the only ways men can productively channel this childishness and stupidity.

Got a show on science? Just count how many women scientists are featured. Got one about travel and adventure? See if you can find anything but a single female as your guide. I'm beginning to think Howard Beal was right, back in 1976 (Network). Turn off your television sets or write letters of protest to the networks. Let them know you are damned mad and won't take it anymore!



I like to watch some of the history and science channel shows.  Whenever they need an astrophysicist, super-duper brainiac smart type person, it's almost ALWAYS a woman.

It doesn't matter what it is.  If it entails some brilliant new concept in agriculture, nuclear science, a new type of fuel, what-have-you, it's always a female!

I mean, how many astrophysisists, astronauts, nuke types do they have to pass by just to find a female one?  That is the question I always ask myself just as I loose interest in the program and turn it off in discust...

The Man On The Street is on the street for a reason.......
It's not illegal to be male.....yet.

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