Larry Crowne: An honest reviewer exposes a misandric movie

Started by mens_issues, Jul 01, 2011, 06:16 PM

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I have to give this reviewer (Luke Mullen) credit for his honest exposition of the misandry in the movie Larry Crowne.

I wish I had kept a running tally of how many times characters say the words "men" and "women" and proceed to discuss gender roles in the most stereotypical way possible. Men are losers and porn addicts and women are creative and beautiful and that's the just the way things are, or so the script would have you believe.

The terrible script panders blatantly to the female audience by describing all the male characters as cliches and stereotypes. Steve Dibiasi is the typical bumbling idiot in Larry's speech class. Larry's neighbor Lamar (Cedric the Entertainer) is the cheapskate semi-swindler, always trying to get more money for items than they're worth at his year-round garage sale. He's like a used-car salesman: not a bad guy, but a little smarmy. Even Larry Crowne himself is basically a boyish man-child. He's overly messy because he's a single man living alone. He needs a woman to help him arrange his house and his life. Apparently, we can't even take out our own trash. What would we men do without women? According to Nia Vardalos, we'd all be helpless and hopeless.

Thank goodness some other male movie reviewers are finally getting it.
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Not to point out the obvious but it IS a RomCom.
You may sleep soundly at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence upon those who seek to harm you.


Yea - it's a RomCom, but why can't they have NORMAL men, or male stereotypes?  I mean good-freaking-lord.  Even if just to get men to want to sit through it with a girl.

'Watch our backs at home, we'll guard the wall over here. You can sleep safe tonight, we'll guard the door."

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A sure sign that its a misandric movie is if Julia Roberts is in it in the first place. She always gets to play the same part, a smug know-it-all that either judges men or rescues them. Why do you think people say she keeps playing the same character in every movie she's in?

Pretty soon, its going to be Sandra Bullock's turn.
ell she turned me into a NEWT!! A newt?! Er..., well I got better.


The reviewers at take on this was that Robert's husband in the movie was really unnecessary and seemed to be just a male bashing point for women to sympathize with.


If the only way women can feel good about themselves is to believe that all men are idiots, I sure would hate to be a woman. That's pretty sad. Apparently, though, that's the formula that works in these "romcoms".

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