Ontario Liberals to give $10,000 to employers for each foreigner they hire

Started by PaulGuelph, Sep 15, 2011, 09:21 PM

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instead of hiring a Canadian! Discriminated against in your own country!!!! And just when we are looking at an impending second recession! Liberal socialist ideological scum!


Ontario Liberal tax credit for 'foreign workers' slammed
McGuinty likens PCs to U.S. Tea Party
CBC News Sep 6, 2011

"An Ontario Liberal pledge to provide a tax credit to businesses of up to $10,000 for hiring new immigrants to their first jobs is coming under fire by the province's Progressive Conservatives for favouring "foreign workers."

The Tories have been quick to criticize the tax credit pledge which was officially unveiled Monday along with the rest of the Liberal campaign platform just over a month before the Oct. 6 election.
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With just a day to go until the official election campaign begins, Hudak slammed the new promise aimed at helping skilled immigrants as an "affirmative action" program.

"Basically Dalton McGuinty wants to pay companies $10,000 to hire foreign workers while we have half a million people in Ontario today who are looking for jobs," he said Tuesday at a campaign event at the home of a Scarborough family.

"He is going to pay companies $10,000 to hire anybody but you...."
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Well, they didn't pay no stinkin' $10K when I got my first job in Ottawa in '87 (a month & a half after I got my Landed Immigrant stamp on my IMM-1000 visa); but I worked for free for the first couple or three months... while I was getting $500/month from Immigration Canada. Then IC told me to get a job, so I told my boss the same and he hired me for something like $17K/year. But I had my first job -- programming PC games --, which led to the next and to the next...
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 This is why the liberal's will be non-existant after the next election.

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