A Rather Pointed Yahoo Question About Misogyny

Started by Captain Courageous, Feb 01, 2012, 10:36 PM

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Captain Courageous

This is up for the next four days. Already it's getting answers.

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True or False? Misogyny Is Strong and Persistent Disagreement With Feminist Dogma?

Misogyny is defined as "hatred of women", which automatically includes hatred of all women in your nuclear and extended family. That's an absurd example of megalomania on the part of any feminist accusing you of being one.

The way feminists use misogyny appears to signify anyone (especially male) that strongly and persistently disagrees with feminist dogma (rape culture, Patriarchy, etc.). Hatred has nothing to do with it.

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This is a major problem I face.  Even among men, I get accused of being misogynistic just because I dislike our matriarchal society and despite the fact that I am only attracted to women and do nearly all household chores. 

Really annoys me that I am treated like a criminal and an outcast as I am not willing to label myself and others negatively just because of my gender.

Captain Courageous

Replies to "You're a misogynist."

Stop spouting shopworn slogans at me.

You obviously haven't had an original thought in quite a while.

Please, spare me your megalomania!

Look up the definitions of the vocabulary you expectorate.


I say 'you are a brainwashed little robot'. Of course I don't say that if the guy is very big.
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Seems the Robin lady picked a good answer.

It's obviously false, many women are against feminism and many men, and they both probably like women, in fact since they like women they probably don't like feminism.

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