A facebook argument with a feminist

Started by Assault, Mar 13, 2012, 05:20 PM

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I just thought this was a funny exchange I had with a woman on facebook. It shows the entitlement mentality that a lot of women have and the inability to discern "need" from "want".  She had the whole hyphenated last name, girl power schtick going on. :laughing6:

Thread Starter:  So if you park in the disabled spot and don't have a permit itks ok as long as you put your 4 way flashers on? Ok thanks lazy woman in Gan!

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Hyphenated entitled feminist:  Oh I hate that! One time I asked an older couple not to forget their baby in the car while they went into Subway. When they looked at me like I was crazy I said... oh I'm sorry it's because you are parked in the parking resevered for Moms and babies and although you do look big I don't think your pregnant, just lazy. They replied...go BLEEP yourself. I guess for them those two empty parking spots beside were just too far for them to walk.

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Assault; Being pregnant isn't a disability...it's a choice. Disabled parking makes sense, pregnant/lazy/fat parking doesn't.
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Hyphenated entitled feminist: For sure the disablility parking is needed but so is the Mom and tots parking. It might not be the same in your eyes but this has to be coming from a guy who has never tried to carry two toddlers and a new born while holding onto a bunch of groceries and a stroller at the same time. Oh, and I never said pregnancy was a disability but I'll tell you, if it were the men that were the ones pregnant they would want the parking close, believe me. So although I agree with your comment of the fat and lazy, I disagree with the pregnancy part. Sorry.
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Assault:  No need to be sorry, I just believe women are equal to men and can handle the same responsibilities. And despite your assertion that I never carried my two young children, groceries, stroller etc in and out of the store, I in fact, did it just fine thank you.
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Hyphenated entitled feminist:  Its very good that you did carry your children, groceries and stroller and the same time. As for the equal rights to men and women...I'm all for it. I do believe however that women or men do deserve the Mom and tots parking spots as well. I wasn't trying to disrespect any good Dad's out there but when men say that pregnancy or Mom's don't deserve a break..humm...that kind of makes me mad. I think many women would agree with me on that topic.
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Thread starter:  Ok enough about the mom spots, they are a courtesy, not mandated.
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Hyphenated entitled feminist:  Hey..shut up you! But ok ...........enough about the Mom spots (but I'm right) ;)) and I never said they were mandated.
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Feminism is the product of female selfishness, compounded by male chivalry.

- Peter Zohrab -


Oh, and I never said pregnancy was a disability

But that's how I'd like it to be treated.
and I never said they were mandated.

But they should be.

I think a pond somewhere is missing its bottom feeder.
I'm mad.
I'm furious.
I've enough rage to fuel a thousand suns.


Bill introduced to regulate men's reproductive health
COLUMBUS - Before getting a prescription for Viagra or other erectile dysfunction drugs, men would have to see a sex therapist, receive a cardiac stress test and get a notarized affidavit signed by a sexual partner affirming impotency, if state Sen. Nina Turner has her way..

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Jill Elaine Hughes No crazier than the jackasses who keep PASSING laws regulating women's reproductive health.
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Scott Crain Well, if lawmakers want to regulate female reproductive medications, males should have the same issues to deal with, no?
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Phillip C Reed I support this bill 100%.
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Vicki Bingham You have got to be kidding!! That's what you get with the cradle to grave mentality! How do these people get elected?
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Phillip C Reed Vicki, I take it you're not paying attention to current events.
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Scott Rairden This is an awful bill, and Americans should be outraged that lawmakers are doing this.
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Casey Vasilakis Durrstein Regulating the meds, fine. Requiring psychotherapy and partner accountability is just insane.

A doctor Rxing these meds should already have an idea whether or not their patient can handle it physically. But the other stuff is like requiring a woman to be married before she can get pregnant. Very very similar. HMM!
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Jamie McQuinn Sounds fair to me.
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Jeremy Moberly We have seriously entered the twilight zone.
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Karl Williamson for the love of god! dont we have more important things to worry about at the moment?!?! like JOBS OR THE DEFICIT ???
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Phillip C Reed It's amusing watching people not get it. Casey came close.
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Nyci Farren-White Maybe we should be more concerned that these aren't given to convicted sex offenders than getting a signed affidavit from a consensual partner.
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Justine Wyatt I have read some ridiculous things from our so called "representatives", but this is the most insane thing I have ever read!
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Joe Howard The sex therapist and notary get paid, the govt collects tax dollars and the patient is left to take a note from his wife to the Doc that says, "My husband can't get it up.".... Once again the burden lies with the taxpayer....
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Nyci Farren-White Personally, I don't want the government in my nor my husbands pants.
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Elusive Sigh Oh so restrictions on Viagra is insane but outlawing birth control is just plum normal! Riiiiight.
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Kraig Kirves The government has no business he HC Insurance business period
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Jan Bartlett Miller Fair is fair :)
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Joanie Gutermuth Sauce for the goose...
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Matt Raby Making a mockery out of the legislative process.
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Phillip C Reed It's called "regulations" Kraig. Something the government has been empowered to do since it was founded, with a great deal of well-established law behind it.
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Casey Vasilakis Durrstein So glad I "came close". Since this is a public forum there is NO WAY I'm saying exactly what I think...
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Casey Vasilakis Durrstein ‎@Elusive Sigh - one, really?! Two, what does one have to do with the other? NOTHING.
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Juan Gonzales What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
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Elusive Sigh They both have something to do with reproductive health, Casey. Duh and good morning! What's good for the goose...
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Ed Coyne ‎"A critic of efforts to restrict abortion and contraception for women" = knows that it isn't actually restricted, but wants to force other people to pay for it.
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Bill Brennan silly liberals at it again, lol. a good goose to all those proposing this makes good sense indeed. ; )
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Scott Rairden This bill is bad because it's motivated by revenge. I don't agree with the restriction of womens freedom, but the people who introduce those bills do so because of their convictions. I think their wrong, but I can't question their motives. This if a bill that attempts to remove right from select Americans out of revenge. Anyone who loves freedom should be angry.
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Matthew Wilcher Wow, just wow! How about they put 100% of their brain power on jobs, deficit, and oil prices instead.
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Phillip C Reed ‎"I think their wrong, but I can't question their motives. "

Yet here you are, questioning the motive of state Sen. Nina Turner. Hypocrisy much?
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Casey Vasilakis Durrstein A *man* being able to enjoy sex has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with a *woman* being able to NOT get pregnant. Please, let's stick to the actual subject, which is this WOMAN's bizarre attempt to control one more aspect of men...
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Phil Briggs Sex therapists? Is this a Democrat ruse to get one of their constituencies more work? Isn't sex therapist 'progressive code' for prostitutes?
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Bill Brennan love how not wanting to pay for another persons contraception or abortion is now considered to be a 'restriction' of a women's freedom. lol.
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Kevin Boreing Really stupid. Let's take a bill aimed at preventing the stopped existance of an un-born child, which overwhelmingly is the demographic of young and poor females, and compare it to one that effects older men that have a medical condition. I guess some of you want to classify pregnancy as an abnormal medical condition instead of reproduction. Sad really, especially seeing some of the ignorant comments in favor of this mentality....
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Terry IzzyRock Martin Ahh, I love satire. I love more those who are comfortably numb. Sen. Turner, thank you for being from Ohio & thank you for giving me a smirk today. Next we should propose that alcohol be a schedule one drug like cannabis is. That would show those who liquor it up but are afraid of cannabis legalization, how silly some of the laws we have are. Cheers guys, the fine Sen. has trolled you. Welcome to the internet.
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Scott Rairden Phillip "she likens the bill to men trying to legislate a womans womb" Sounds like revenge legislation to me.
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Desteny Lewis Not too many years ago women had have their spouse complete a consent form prior to sterilization. That is no longer practiced. Does this not seem to be along the same lines? (re: the a notarized signed affidavit part ONLY)
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Kraig Kirves Phillip, there is a difference between regulation, and involving yourself (the government) in HC management and prescriptive care. The government has no business doing that. Talk about getting into people's treatment...
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Kraig Kirves Terry, the reason why pot is a Sched 1 drug is because the DEA does not recognize it as having medicinal purpose, interestingly, alcohol is not a drug, but one could get a prescription for it for certain ailments...not sure what you would treat with it though....lol
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Diane Beem bp meds can cause ED, so men who had nothing to do with the abortion law are to be GOVT MANDATED to go to sex therapists?(adultry), suffer more humiliation by going through more hoops, out of revenge. in VA, bill to force men-your dads, your grandfathers, to be raped anally(recal exam) lost by 2 votes ARE YOU PEOPLE INSANE?
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Anne Wiggins Smith Get the government Out of decisions affecting MY BODY! Women, it's time to fight back against these men who think they have the right to decide what we do with our bodies. Get them out of our bedrooms. Remember Lysistrata.
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Lexan Blanchard How about the government gets out of the health business all together!
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Craig Buck If you don't understand the difference between murdering a baby and Viagra, something is wrong with you. This is not serious. It is being done in a mocking spirit.
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John Lobenstein A significant problem with this debate is a poor choice of terminology(ies). Birth control and climate change are too ambiguous.Each has as many meaning as there are people using them. Does climate change mean the earth is warming or is the earth cooling? It too often depends on the frame of reference. Does birth control meaning controlling a birth, preventing a pregnancy, or too often infanticide?It too often depends on the frame of reference.
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Tanya Reed Baldwin So the church is against birth control because sex is simply for procreation right? So where is the outrage over ED medications? The older men taking them surely aren't trying to procreate.
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John Lobenstein Is Sen. Nina Turner really trying to equate Viagra with infanticide?
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Quentin Durrstein Meanwhile a boy in her area of Ohio was ordered to pay child support to his molestor andf she is silent. The reason these women keep going after things like viagra and vascetomies to claim they are gettign even in male reproductive rights areas is because they know males have NO reproductive "rights" but they DO have responsibilities. Ever notice these are the same politicians that scream about "the children" if anyone proposes women should have to pay men back for paternity fraud, men shouldn't be force to pay when DNA shows she lied about his being the father or if someone proposes a male shoudl not be forced to pay a woman if the child was concieved while she was committing a sex crime?

If she wants to see REAL restrictions of women's "reproductive rights", then give women the same options and rights as men. Conception and pay up even in cases or rape, incest or molesting. But that idea is extreme to hold women to that standard though males it is accpetable.
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Quentin Durrstein Desteny, many year ago that may have been true for women but it nor longer is from my understanding. I do know that when I was gettign a vascetomy I was required to have my wife come in and give written permission as getting one could influce HER reproductive rights per the doctors. It isn't required by law but most any doctor requires it for liability reasons or they will just refuse to do it. Kind of like if a pharmicist refuses to give a woman the morning after pill, it is their right to do so but you don't see an huge uproar over it unlike with the pill.
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Michael Oliver If you really want parity, introduce a bill which requires insurance companies to pay for ED presriptions in their entirety, with no co-pay. Because that's what the real issue is about.
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Lyle Chambers Is there ANY news in the world besides basketball?
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Kraig Kirves Tanya, while the Catholic church position is against a oration and prescriptive medications and non prescriptive methods regulating Birth control, they haven't said lunatics emboss would be employed against those who decide to use them, they have merely said hat the church will not FUND it through HC Insurance they provide to their employees. (key word here is provide). You are under no obligation to accept said HC insurance hat they provide.
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Kraig Kirves iPhone really urinating me off today...abortion, not oration....completely different things....lol
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Sue Borror Strickland Firman I can't say all that I'm thinking, but I doubt if many men comply with this.
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Shane McBryde So, let me get this straight...The GOP and the Catholic church go on a crusade against women's reproductive rights. Sen Nina Turner finds this appalling so she goes on a crusade against men in general. Does she not understand the hypocrisy here? Does she equate all men with these two institutions? Does she not understand that there are both men and women within and supporting of the GOP and the Catholic church? As far as I'm concerned, she and all those who support her effort are as bad as they are.
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Julio Santana I'm wondering just what bills have been introduced that restrict access to birth control? I'd say it's available in every corner drug store. That's pretty accessible if you ask me.

Not wanting government to force others to pay for women's, or men's, sexual exploits is not equivalent to "restricting access". That's a false argument.
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Deborah Westendorf I think people should pay for their own viagra and birth control.
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John Evans with more oration you would have no abortion
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Robert Algar Jr The fema-nazi's strike again. This is laughable.
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Holly Wells Hurd Just one question is Sen Tur
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Kraig Kirves No Shane, once again, the GOP wants the government out of your HC Insurance. I for one don't wan the government to tell me what my doctor can proscribe, what procedure I can have. It is. It the GOP that is doing that. It is the DNC.

If your place of work offers HC Insurance, BT does not provide the coverages that you want, you can:

Buy rider coverage for those prescriptions or procedures that it does not cover

Pay out of pocket for those things uncovered (as millions do every day)

Or refuse the coverage all together and get you own. No one is forcing you to accept it.
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Holly Wells Hurd Is sen turner in grade school? Really a tit for tat is very mayi
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Enorris Da Noble Thomas So is it wrong for a man to give a woman a pearl necklace, or cum in her mouth or ass just because he does not want to get her pregnant?
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Phillip C Reed ‎"I'm wondering just what bills have been introduced that restrict access to birth control?"

The so-called "Blunt Amendment". Fortunately, it failed.

There seems to be a lot of people here who still aren't aware that hormonal birth control for women is used for far more than birth control purposes.
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Quentin Durrstein Shane, since males who are raped, molested or victims of incest have no right to abort, wouldn't you say there is more than equailty in women having reproductive rights? Instead those victims are still required to pay support to their attackers. Kind of like who if a couple go out and have a few drinks, it does not matter if she is the one who initiated sex, she can claim he "raped" her because she was drinking but his having a few is no excuse. Now if he claimed "rape" then it isn't even a crime in most areas since rape requires penetration by the perpetrator making women unable to commit rape without he using an object or finger and etc. So legally a woman can rape a man in most areas, not even risk any real charges for it and then demand child support from him with the laws on her side. Hence why we see these bills, they know males have no reproducive rights at all and they sure won't reduce their resposibilities to make it equal with women.
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Garrison H. Seale Why doesn't the government fix what is wrong with the country and states??? We really need to examine our ELECTED officials!
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H Michael Hawkins This is a silly and (probably) vindictive attempt by a hostile and unhappy woman. Her "bill" is a moronic effort to cause men the extra time and expense of being able to do something, rather than kill something. Birth control impedes the creation of life, while medicine to treat erectile dysfunction causes the ability to actually create a life.
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Scott Rairden So the proper response to the Blunt bill is a revenge bill against the people who look like Roy Blunt?
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Richard Reichardt From the article: "Heartbeat bill sponsor Rep. Lynn Wachtmann, R-Napoleon, said comparing his bill to Turner's would be like comparing apples to bananas."

Pretty (unintentionally?) hilarious analogy used by Rep. Wachtmann ("...comparing apples to bananas."), although I would have gone with "...comparing tacos to bananas." Isn't the common phrase "...comparing apples to oranges"? If this was on purpose, it's good to know our state representatives are as childish as I am.
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Larry Peiffer Nina, your mother should've swallowed you.
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Quentin Durrstein Meanwhile these cases are a LOT more common than people know around the USA. I remember when this case came out and the DDN and etc didn't print it. It was only in the Lancaster paper and a Columbus Law Review.

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Royce Tuckness Well, lets see. The politicians are in our gas tanks, toilets, kitchens, living rooms, baths, pockets (tax $) and now they are in our bedrooms. This is all in the name of SOCIALISM.
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Blaine Hislop let's be honest for once: women value freedom far less than do men - unless freedom means the freedom to have an abortion at the drop of a hat. It's amazing how american women hate their "privacy" being invaded when it comes to abortion - but they gamely insist upon meddling in every other aspect of human endeavour.
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Blaine Hislop one thing I can say with complete honesty: the people most likely to take away your freedom of expression and freedom of conscience/speech will be women; they may noisily insist upon their own right to be heard, but the Nina Turner's and Kathleen Sebelius' of the world positively hate to hear anyone else be heard.
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Blaine Hislop I urge people to contact Nina Turner to let her know what you think of her and of her measure. If I know this woman the way I think I do, she'll cry and stammer and say she's being harassed - and all of this after playing a very sharp-elbowed game aimed at burdening the lives of American men. One minute, an american woman is very hard and tough and nasty - when she thinks she can get away with it - and the next minute, when someone calls her out for her viciousness and mendacity, she retreats into, "woe is me, I am a poor, wittle victim of big, bad men" Make her life uncomfortable, folks; she's stealing the money she's being paid
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Quentin Durrstein Good point Eric. They can't require a husband know about his wife getting an abortion or anything else as that is a HOPPA violation. Same with the entire premis tha the USSC ruled abortion was legal on. Then again, it just shows what an idiot that politician is since she feels double standards are fine if it violates a male's right but we need to take even MORE taxes from both MEN and women to provide benifits only to women.
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Randy Nigrelli If its good for the goose, then I think the gander should get the same treatment
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Elusive Sigh So Craig, is swallowing mass murder then? No? Lol You're all being ridiculous. Birth control isn't murder anymore than swallowing semen. Pulease.
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Norma Grooms I am all for this because I care about men's reproductive health
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Quentin Durrstein I agree Randy, many keep saying that but what about the reverse?
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Amy Piper Wow, seems like men are just as upset as women at the thought of their reproductive organs being legislated. I think this goes beyond the controversy over "free birth control", yet most of the men commenting don't seem to "get it". I don't want free birth control...I just want free choice regarding my body & my rights as a woman to choose whether or not I want a baby. If Viagra is covered via insurance & BC is not or it is restricted...there will be a lot more babies being born. I mean, can't we all agree that if BC is restricted and/or abortion made illegal...Viagra will be the cause of unwanted pregnancies? Where you guys gonna stick it if we women aren't allowed our right to BC? Cuz, let me tell you something...I'd never let another dick inside of me if BC was too expensive or plan B made illegal or abortions made illegal.
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Amy Piper Also, some of our current representatives & journalists paint women on BC as whores, but men on Viagra are not...once again, a double standard. Men can have as much sex as they want with as many partners as they want yet a woman that wants BC provided at a fair & affordable cost via her insurance company is a "whore"? Most of you men should be thanking God for BC & abortions, because without them, most of you would never get laid.
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Terry Rector Under Senate Bill 307, men taking the drugs would continue to be tested for heart problems, receive counseling about possible side effects and receive information about "pursuing celibacy as a viable lifestyle choice." sound like the democratic republic of china....
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Terry Rector "Even the FDA recommends that doctors make sure that assessments are taken that target the nature of the symptoms, whether it's physical or psychological," Turner said. "I certainly want to stand up for men's health and take this seriously and legislate it the same way mostly men say they want to legislate a woman's womb." Make that some men a-hole, I could care less what you do with your body, GET OUT OF MY BEDROOM! wonder why dumocrats get a bad name....
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Corinne Wong Re. Kevin Boreing comment. Who says old men having erectile dysfunction is abnormal? Sounds like what has been going on for millions of years. Using your "logic" regarding women, why do we have to foot the bill for this normal condition in old men?
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Cynthia Wesley Isn't it great how they make us use our facebook to comment on this crap. Ms Turner thinks not allowing abortions is regulating womens wombs, WOW! So if she can't keep killing babies, then wives have to sign a notorized afidavit?!! How twisted and evil is that?
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Adam Duke Terry, if you and your liberal friends find satire so amusing, why hate on Rush so much for comparing fluke to a pro? Or do you seriously think he was calling her a pro? Oh wait, I forgot, its ok for dems to make jokes at the expense of republicans, but if we do it, its an outrage and we should be punished. Go be a retard in somebody else's country.
As for this law. It is funny, I am pro-choice, but I think the right choice is life. Women should have the freedom to get an abortion. I should not have to pay for it though. They chose to have sex and one consequence is pregnancy. I believe everybody should live with or pay for the consequences of their own actions.
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Corinne Wong Men should be held accountable for their actions and their consumption of reproductive health care just so they can remain sexually active way past the time "GOD" wanted them to.
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Quentin Durrstein So Amy, you feel we shoudl arrewst and jail a 14 year old boy if he fails to pay child support to his 35 year old techer who slipped him drugs and molested him? Oh! The government already IS involved in reproductive choices and decision, but it is only bad if they get involved in not allowing women to have it for free. But forcing a victim of rape to pay chils support to their abuser is acceptable it seems the way people comment.
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Kraig Kirves As far as I can see, the government is not mandating Viagra coverage. The comparison between the two therefore is moot.

The government should not be in the business of telling us what will and what won't be covered by your private insurance plans.
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Bill Reyes Later Ms. Turner said "If this doesn't stop the Republican men then I'm going to hold my breath and stomp my feet until I get what I want!"
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Amber Lutz Quentin, do you think that a woman who gets pregnant by being raped should be forced to have the rapist's baby?
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Cynthia Wesley Corinne Wong..Obviously you don't know all about ED. Certain medications can make a young or middle aged man have ED. Men don't have to be old to have ED. Read up on it before you talk about it.
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Laurie Jackson Hey DDN, this bill was introduced on March 2. It's no longer news. Is it any wonder the majority of Daytonians rely on other sources?
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Amber Lutz Both the situation you are talking about and mine are wrong and no victim should be further victimized by their abuser or abusers actions. I am not even sure why you are talking about that in regards to this posting, but you keep trying to get someone to bite on it.
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Bianca Neff Diesel No one has mentioned that a man doesn't necessarily have to have a partner at all to worry about erectile dysfunction. The men who are single can't get Viagra then? This is absolutely the government butting in where they don't belong, AGAIN! What the hell is going on in America that we just get to sit and let them do whatever they want??? Let the doctors do their job. Get out of our damn business!
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Karen Gilkerson So how do u feel about this Garrison H. Seale
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Scott Rairden The bottom line is that this is revenge legislation. The heartbeat bill is a bad bill that infringes on an individuals rights, but it was introduced by someone who is motivated by his convictions. I personally think he's wrong. This bill is being introduced to punish individuals who's only "crime" is that they look like the guy who introduced the heartbeat bill.
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Cynthia Wesley Individual rights should not include taking a human life. Does that human life not have rights too? Were you not a living human being when in the womb? If killing another human is legal then why are murderers in prison?
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Quentin Durrstein Amber, I do not think forcing a woman raped to have the child is right but this is a bill about "reproductive rights" and as you notice, the laws say men have none. Otherwise she could have gone after them in some way. Instead she has to go after this stupid BS since she can't say males who are raped or molested must pay child support or anything like that. The laws ALREADY require those things. So why should women get free contracepties as part of a "reproductive right" when men get no contraceptives, have no rights but ARE responsable?

For me it is simple, unless males get the same rights, then telling us to keep it in our pants or suck it up and accept our "responsibility" like a man is total BS. Males pay no matter WHAT if she decides to have the child and we have no say in that. At the same time, we are also required to register with the government in the Putative Father's Registry if we want to have a chance at our own children if she wants to adopt them out but no requirement for a women to reveal if he may not be the father before hammering him with child support either.

You complain that I am trying to get people to "bite" but notice that supposed equal rights believers like you dodge and refuse to step up or even condemn the problems. Instead you feel like an entitled princess that should have all the rights and it all paid for with MY taxes while happily letting males raped, molestes, victimized by incest, lied to or who have their children adopted away suffer.
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Cynthia Wesley With todays loose morality is it no wonder that we have increased "accidental pregnancies"?
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Scott Rairden Okay I'll amend my post to stay on topic: In my opinion the heartbeat bill infringes on individual liberty. But I stand by my point, the bill Sen Turner introduced is a revenge bill, and she should be shamed into resending it.
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Denise Jewett So I guess all you govt ppl don't have anything better to do..ppl aren't starving to death under your noses...children aren't homeless..EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!!! It's absolutely ridiculous the amount of money you morons waist for your own selfish agendas!!!!!!!!
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Willie Wills With the majority of congress being 50+ there's no way this stands to pass.
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Terry Rector Adam your a dumba$$, blue blooded republican here, its assholes like you jumping on comments that make me and my party look bad, I could care less what a woman does with her body, if she can live with it, I can too. Goverment needs out of everyone's lives, was my simple point! Read my second post!
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Elusive Sigh Actually Terry, it's a-holes like you that make your party look bad. Hell, you don't even know the difference between your and you're.
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Quentin Durrstein Gee Sigh, I would say it is those like you who scream not getting BC for free is the same as banning it while then demanding boys who are molested be jailed or pay child support to their rapists. Yeah, i know you HATE that whole equality argument so you run from it while crying I should buy you the pill since the idea of you being responsible is not acceptable.
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Elusive Sigh Did I say ONE word about getting birth control for free? No! STFU, Quentin and stay on topic.
Monday at 3:40pm Like 2.

Quentin Durrstein Let me alter part of the bill and see if it compares to what she is protesting and see if anyone would support it at all. "notarized affidavit signed by a sexual partner affirming an agreement to abort" OH! That is comparable to what she wants but isn't what is being proposed is it?
Monday at 3:41pm Like.

Quentin Durrstein Elusiv, no, the article mentions taht as part of her reason for the law. You also have argued that not getting free BC is banning it. Don't like your own stupidity quoted back at you so you can only cuss in return then? I know, complain more about other's spelling errors while you can't figure that someone paying for your BC to be a slut is not the same as banning your vibrator and forcing you to have the child if you are raped.
Monday at 3:49pm Like.

Quentin Durrstein Just to help with it for you since you tried to shout down equality and insult others intelligence... "Elusive Sigh Oh so restrictions on Viagra is insane but outlawing birth control is just plum normal! Riiiiight.
4 hours ago LikeUnlike 11"
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Chelsea Marie Quentin::Therapy. You need it dude. You come into almost every thread with non stop bashing of women,and how men are treated so bad. Wake up,and investigate therapists in the area who might be able to work your issues out.
Monday at 3:55pm Like 5.

Elusive Sigh And how many people like my posts, compared to yours Quentin? Hmm? You're an idiot and it's pretty obvious that you're here because you have nothing better to do with your day. If republicans want to be invasive when it comes to vaginas, I feel it is ONLY fair for men to have their sexual organs under fire as well. Period!
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Amanda Bondy This is not a bill designed to make life harder on men as a retaliation for a fake war on women's health. No woman is denied access to whatever she wants in the world of women's health.

This is a bill AGAINST women. When a man cannot satisfy his lover, he tends to withdraw and that just leads to a whole lot of women having emotional issues and their physical desires not being fulfilled. We should not be making it harder for men to satisfy their wives.

This is also a bill against GAY MEN! Think about it for a moment. This bill requires the sexual partner of the male who is suffering from erectile dysfunction to out himself by signing an affidavit affirming there is a real need for the medication. Some gay people choose to live very private lives and this is an unnecessary invasion into their privacy.

This bill also hurts single men because it assumes the man has a partner to use the medication with. What about men who prefer to just go solo? Shouldn't they have a right to rub one out on a Saturday night while they are sitting at home alone?

The woman who wrote this bill is hateful to want to ruin the enjoyment of sex for so many couples in her state and invade their privacy in such ways.
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Mike Trower What a DIPSHIT this "Nina Turner broad is. That's the problem with politics, any MORON can run for office. It IS in retribution to this birth control issue as evidenced by this from the article:
"Turner's bill joins a trend of female lawmakers submitting bills regulating men's health. Turner said if state policymakers want to legislate women's health choices through measures such as House Bill 125, known as the "Heartbeat bill," they should also be able to legislate men's reproductive health. Ohio anti-abortion advocates say the two can't be compared." Just like a freaking child...
Also, for "Enormous Thomas":
"So is it wrong for a man to give a woman a pearl necklace, or cum in her mouth or ass just because he does not want to get her pregnant?"
Wow. Really, butthead? Way to stay classy. Jesus...
Monday at 4:07pm Like.

Evan Campbell Does no one seriously understand what's going on here? This is obviously a joke, crafted to make conservatives feel the same way that liberals feel when bills are submitted restricting access to reproductive health services and abortion. That is, ticked off. It is meant to prove a point, namely, "what's good for the goose is good for the gander," and nothing more. If you can't see that, you've got to be fairly dull.
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Robt Lewis I believe also that a bill should be passed requiring all gay or lesbians to submit to psychological counselling prior to living together, marriage, adoption of children, and sex organ alteration or hormone administration to change sexual appearance and characteristics. They should have to go through a Federally approved and administered course in STD and HIV and AIDS prevention, and be tested monthly for all of these. Planned Parenthood should be forced to administer all of these for free without taxpayer funding.
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Terry IzzyRock Martin Boy this is fine weather we're going to have in the area this week. Perhaps we should enjoy it. Have a great week everyone. ;)
Monday at 4:17pm Like 4.

Elusive Sigh http://​www.hurleymustgo.com/doc/​20090806%20contempt.pdf Tsk tsk Quentin... contempt must suck. Hope you're following orders now!
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Robt Lewis There needs to be a Federal Bill mandating maximum and minimum male and female lifetime orgasms and coitus. NO EXCEPTIONS...if you haven't DONE it enough, then DO it. When you have DONE IT ENOUGH, then QUIT.
Monday at 4:18pm Like.

Rebecca Eldridge Your article is getting passed a long all of Mid-Michigan. way to go DDN!
Monday at 4:18pm Like 1.

Elusive Sigh ‎@Rob - why only gay and lesbian couples? Straight couples can't be unfit? Hmm.
Monday at 4:19pm Like 2.

Quentin Durrstein LOL, I see the ladies that like to dish it can't take it. That or the same ones who scream about about men being evil and trying to reduce abortion RUN when confronted by a male who doesn't bow down to their desires. Yeah, i know, I should seek help for thinking forcing molested boys not be jailed unless they pay child support or that a woman shoudl have to provide her own birth control like a man. Next thing you know it will be that I should seek therapy for suggesting men not be required to provide sperm on demand and their full paycheck to any woman that requests it?

Face it, you have failed to even TRY to address the issues bcause you know you are unequiped for it. You can't because you will end up actually siding with the idea of rape victims being forced to pay support to women because you BELIEVE that is right in your entitled world. Instead you try to distract, avoid, cuss at those who disagree and try to pull out female victims who HAVE rights unlike male ones to push them instead.

So ladies, when are those of you who keep trying to avoid, dodge and blame me for bringing the facts going to step up and pay some women YOUR age child support after she rapes your 12 year old boy? Or are you going to send him to jail for failing to support and smile that an evil male is gone so he and the patriarchy can't dominate you?
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Elusive Sigh Quentin you have child rape on the brain. Is that because you were accused of molesting one of your own children?
Monday at 4:23pm Like 4.

Evan Campbell ‎@Quentin your member must be a real disappointment, and your attitude isn't making it any more, ahem, estimable. Leave talking to women up to the grownups.
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Michael Schuder Well played Senator...very well played...
Monday at 4:26pm Like 4.

Pete Dosado Bill Ayers knows bomb throwers and menaces since he is a certified nut of that variety! Breitbart was ba verbal bomb thrower and a menace to liberal socialists and Marxists like Ayers and his pal, Barack Hussein Obama!
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Frank Cotton Yeah...let's all pretend there's not another life involved in the case of abortion....
Monday at 4:38pm Like.

Kirk Taylor Viagra=Abortion...wow...I never cease to be amazed at the stupidity of some people - or the people who elect them.
Monday at 4:42pm Like.

Chelsea Marie There was a guy a few months back that,no matter the topic,would post about not getting his newspaper delivered,and as insane as I thought that was,I may just go to every topic now and tell Quentin to go to therapy. Who knows,maybe it will work. LOL.
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Jerry Bo Holt ‎???
Monday at 4:45pm Like.

Jonathan Isakoff It's bills like this that are a huge waste of time and taxpayer money. Hopefully, Ohio's legislature has enough sense to kill this bill.
Monday at 5:01pm Like 1.

Quentin Durrstein LOL, nothing but deflection and insults still. So yet again I will ask like I did before, would you ladies accept the same level of reproductive rights as men are allowed or would you allow men the same rights you have? I am betting there will be silence on that yet again with avoiding and attempts to insult instead.
Monday at 5:09pm Like.

Chelsea Marie It appears that Rob believes only gay and lesbian folk get std's and aids,which is somewhat confusing to me. Can you explain that silly little thought please.
Monday at 5:09pm Like 2.

Kristen Bates Most of you are missing the point. She doesn't actually want this bill passed, she is using it to point out the absurdity of all the "pro-life" bills and to raise awareness to the issue.
Monday at 5:14pm Like 9.

Chelsea Marie Frank,are you and Pete the same person? I am guessing yes,because those statements are both just a little nuts. So,instead of giving our president those lame ass,tired titles that are constantly spewed by uneducated folks,what say you find a legit reason to disagree with his politics. I have found that a large portion of folks who give him those silly titles,have no real basis for disliking him. They typically just like to say stupid things. Come up with an original thought Pete. Frank,when you are able to get pregnant and pop a kid out of your cookie,come back to discuss abortion. Until then,you really have nothing important to say about that topic:D
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Marlene Ross Seems fair and responsible to me...if health insurance is going to cover viagra there should be required regulations.
Monday at 5:37pm Like 3.

Red Pill Viagra doesn't kill fetuses. But try again, idiot.
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Teresa Henson Quentin, I understand what you are saying. It's not fair for a man or a child to pay child support for non-consensual sex. It's not fair that a man pay child support and have no say or visits with their child if they are a good person. If a woman is committing a sex crime, they should be charged rightfully so. This bill is not about adults harming children and unfortunately it happens often and more people get away with it than not. This bill is to point out the absurdity of how far people will go in the name of a cause. This is about making laws and red tape for people to behave in a certain way. The efforts of the "heart-beat law" is to have already emotionally vulnerable women who have chosen to have a very invasive procedure be quilted and manipulated into doing something they did not want to do whatever that reason may be. The point that this Senator is trying to make has proven the point by the several men on here that are up in arms and angry. It's nobody's business why I as a woman may need/want birth control or have an abortion and it's no body's business why a man would want/need ED medication. And Quentin, if you REALLY need something to get your blood boiling on your point that you are trying to make? http://www.newspitter.com/​2012/01/09/​woman-gets-pregnant-after-h​aving-intercourse-with-dea​d-man-in-a-mortuary
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Teresa Henson The woman that did this and got pregnant? Is trying to sue the family for child support for the unborn baby... how's that for unfair!?
Monday at 5:50pm Like.

Marcia Winter It seems the male of the species roars violently when they are given the same alternatives they are giving to women. This has gone on for centuries. Women are tired of being placed in the hands of people who to me have their heads and minds in the gutter. We are not second rate citizens. We deserve the ability to have our, our husband's and our doctor's choices respected AND that includes the insurance to cover our choices. I suggest these people who constantly push their thoughts onto women, refuse birth control for them, take care of these children through college and pay for the pregnancies. Remember men, it has always taken two to tango married or not. There are also many reasons for birth control prescriptions other than blocking a pregnancy. Check your facts. Many women I know have stated many times we need the bill this courageous lady has brought forward. It doesn't matter if she intends for it to go through or not. Just look at the uproar it has created and rightfully so. Become educated about the many facts before going off and spouting your vehemence.
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Teresa Henson ‎*guilted... not quilted that might hurt...
Monday at 5:54pm Like 1.

Quentin Durrstein Teresa, the point is that they want to MANDATE free BC for any reason. Not anything like the system where you can get it or viagra now based on if a plan decides to cover it and you pay a co-pay. You are correct on the rest though.

Marcia, I suggest you read up on the items I have posted. You claim women have no real choices but look at the choices males have. ZERO. Cases to date have found she can steal a condom, molest a boy, rape a man, save the contents from oral sex or etc and he is still liable to support her. Now, since by law it makes zero difference how she gets her hands on his sperm, then would you acccept women having the same level of rights? No abortion, no free contraception, no anything no matter what. And hint, I have already been told males need to go get vascetomies if they don't want to be responsible for support if they are molested or raped by the same women who say I am unreasonable.
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Chelsea Marie Ok,Teresa....that link you posted made me seriously LOL. I dont know how that could be real,even the womans name seems weird. Lmao.
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Mimi Higham Look you that dont want to take the pill that kills eggs dont take it. Simple solution. Birth control doesnt kill fetuses, it prevents eggs. Ask my third daughter who I got prego with while I was taking b/c pills. b/c is for other reasons also, just as viagra is for the men. The senator is making a POINT, you want to mess with us we are going to turn it around on you. The same idiot ideas your trying to put on us we will put on you. Further more Quintin if your girl friend had an abortion you could have stopped it by taking her to court & stopped it. But there are to many good old boys who dont take responsibility for their "broken", I'll pull out, etc., that we woman have to take responsibility so we dont have unwanted pregnancies. That is why they take b/c so they are in control of their lives & should be as the law states now offer b/c no matter who the ins co is.
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Mark Burns Call it the Angry Liberal Women's Bill
Monday at 6:21pm Unlike 2.

Kraig Kirves Elusive, what laws have republicans passed that stop you from getting HC?
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Jonathan Pickard Gay rights, women's rights, reproductive rights, transgender rights, "public decency" are battles that all stem from the same war: should the power, treasure and legitimacy of a nominally secular state be spent enforcing a regime of largely religiously motivated male supremacy and female submission? Is shar'ia law wrong because it's theocratic or just because it bears the "wrong" brand? Is authoritarianism better than democracy?
Monday at 6:24pm Unlike 7.

Kraig Kirves The only party getting into your HC is the DNC...
Monday at 6:24pm Like 1.

Suzanne Miles When men can bear children inside their bodies as women do, THEN they have something to say about women's reproductive health and rights. When pigs fly.
Monday at 6:34pm Like 5.

Terry IzzyRock Martin Boy the internet really likes pictures of cats.
Monday at 6:39pm Like 1.

Chelsea Marie Nope Quentin. I am not trying to insult you,I am trying to help you. Trying to redirect your pattern of thinking to something that you could benefit from. You have constant thoughts of rape on the brain,and how the world is so unfair to men(lol) which is just a bit strange. I feel like its my duty to help people that are troubled.
Monday at 6:45pm Like 2.

Kraig Kirves I will ask again, who is saying that your reproductive rights have been thwarted? And how?
Monday at 6:48pm Like.

Julie VanSteenburg ‎@ Mark Burns... Angry liberal woman's bill? Seriously? Just what we need around here... yet another misogynist!
Monday at 6:54pm Like 4.

Kat Jones Kinda sick of women who think fathers are unecessary and have no say in whether their children get born or not.
Monday at 7:07pm Like.

Julie VanSteenburg I don't believe anyone is saying father's are unnecessary. Both parties should share equal responsibility but it doesn't always work that way in the real world.
Monday at 7:11pm Like 5.

Quentin Durrstein Mimi, nbo he can NOT take a woman to court to prevent an abortion. Nice try though. Read up.

Chelsea, you have refused to even address equality in reproductive rights though I have mentioned many areas and just how extreme they are for men. So why are you afraid to answer and why would you keep trying to demand that advocating for at least those males who are victims of sex crimes have rights require I get therapy? Is advocating for at least that in return for giving ONLY women free virth control I help pay for somehow more than you would be willing to conceed?
Monday at 7:16pm Like.

Michael Schuder Type "anti-abortion bills" into your search engine Kraig and see what party is behind abolishing people's rights to do what's legally acceptable in this county.
The worst part...these so called conservative jackasses that bill themselves as "religious" are only seeking votes and could care less about the consequences or religion or that matter.
But rest assured the "sheeple" they lead will eat whatever bullshit they're fed ain't that right Kraig?
It's not "reproductive rights" it's having a mainstream insurance plan that is similar to a secular company!
Not some plan designed by the so called religious right and their brethren.
Monday at 7:16pm Like 8.

Quentin Durrstein Intended to post this for Mimi and hit enter instead. Here is the link for her. http://www.livestrong.com/​article/​192143-rights-of-the-father​-in-abortion/

Rights of the Father in Abortion

Rights Of The Father In Abortion. When it comes to making abortion decisions, wo...See More..

Monday at 7:16pm Like .

Quentin Durrstein Just for those wondering what rights males have compared to females, this article is older but the laws are still in effect. http://​www.supportguidelines.com/​articles/art199903.html

SupportGuidelines.com | Article: It's Ten O'Clock: Do You Know Where Your Sperm Are?
SupportGuidelines.com is the comprehensive resource for the interpretation and application of child support guidelines in the United States...

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Chelsea Marie Quentin,I am not scared to answer anything. I think you spew a lot of nonsense,so I wont waste my time. Its quite obvious that you have issues with women. Thats all I see. If you didnt constantly complain about how unfair life is for men,you might make sense,emphasis on MIGHT. Every point you ever try to make is laced with bitching about women are treated so much better,that you get lost on an actual topic. Jeezus,read what you write. Its not normal.
Monday at 7:25pm Like 5.

Julie VanSteenburg Quentin, where did I ever post that? You are truly delusional. My background is in social work and I have worked with abused children both male and female. I have never and would never advocate such a thing. You obviously have some kind of problem with women and you want to infect your hatred on everyone you come in contact with. But you better leave me out of it.
Monday at 7:38pm Like 4.

Sicarius S. Sicarius If this was a joke, and I a dubious it is, its a bad one and actually weakens womens reproductive rights. Regardless, hope the position, joke or not, was worth it to her. I will now be voting against her.
Monday at 7:51pm Like.

Quentin Durrstein Maybe I am confising you with a different Julie then. If so, I apologize.

Chelsea, you are avoiding because you are afraid to answer since you know you would not. You feel women deserves all the rightts but males should still be held responsible no matter what. The idea of a male even asking for that much of a concession from you is more than you will accept. Therefore a male who says we should have equality scares you and must have issues with women and need treatment in your eyes. Your own misandry so so ingrained you either can't or refuse to look at it, much less confront it.
Monday at 7:52pm Like.

Kristie Wilson Not everyone views relations between men and women as a power struggle, Quentin. Stop projecting your cognitive distortions on other people. Get therapy. You have been provided phone numbers in the past. Hopefully you wrote them down.
Monday at 9:33pm Like 4.

Vivian Wasson Celibacy and abstinence have always been options for both men and women. I am glad to hear that Senator Nina Turner brought up the subject.
Monday at 9:47pm Like.

Quentin Durrstein Kristie, why do you keep demanding someone who speaks up for equality seek help? Maybe someone like MLK would get the same advice from you then? Otherwise, let up look at the arguments against it so far;

1) Women should have free birth control, demanding they either pay or men get it too is misogyny.

2) Requiring women to pay for it is the same as banning it.

3) Looking me up on the internet to try and post things about me personally which if I did it would have been screamed about as stalking.

4) Demands I get help to avoid addressing anything.

5) Claims I lie about boys forced to pay their molesters.

6) Claims I lie about men having zero say in an abortion.

7) Attempts to insult me thinking I care what someone else thinks my genitals are like.

So, when I pointed out that maybe we should demand male victims of sex crimes not be required to pay support to their abusers in return for women getting free birth control, your only response is that I somehow hate women and need therapy? Please do explain how that is unreasonable, hateful of women and why you have refused to even look at that compromise then. So far when I was wrong in which Julie I thought made a comment, I demonstrated I can admit I am wrong and apologize. You and the others avoiding and attacking me have failed to do that so it would appear it is me who is the civil one with reason so far. Prove me wrong and show me where these items are incorrect.
Monday at 10:04pm Like.

Quentin Durrstein Here Kristie, I have a number that might help you... 985-655-2500
Monday at 10:25pm Like.

Terry IzzyRock Martin You guys do know what trolling is right? By the amount of comments on this thread, you have successfully been trolled & the internet gods have enjoyed a laugh today. Thank you for your participation.
Monday at 11:31pm Like.

Bethany Thurman Senator, you are a breath of fresh air!! Keep up the good work!
Yesterday at 12:24am Like 1.

Julene Sullivan Go Nina! It is about time!!!
Yesterday at 1:26am Like 1.

Greg Russell I commend the Senator for her courageous and thoughtful proposal, especially her suggestion concerning counseling about the possible side effects (of Viagra) and information on "pursuing celibacy as a viable lifestyle choice." I've discovered that since I hung her photograph on my bedroom wall, I have no interest whatsoever in Viagra or similar products. I'm really grateful for her efforts to equitably reduce the cost of health care, using just one "weird trick." God bless you, Senator.
Yesterday at 1:35am Like.

Tracey Angel Darling All those men who got their panties all in a twist over the notion of not having their Ed drugs paid or by insurance because erections are not about "baby killing&q



You did something that she could not comprehend. You advocated equality and not just female privelege. You forced her to think and that made her brain hurt. Kudos to you sir.
You may sleep soundly at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence upon those who seek to harm you.


On a related note, I came across this picture, posted by George Takei on Facebook (I'm not sure if the following link will work):


It appears to be a picture from an older comic book, perhaps the 1940s - 1960s (or just a picture done in similar style), of a woman slapping a man and the caption is "NO.. you make me a sandwich."

The majority of comments are the standard implying that this is comical, because it is violence perpetrated by a woman to a man, but now and then you get a comment like, "So....violence is ok,,,as long as it comes from a woman??" and "If he calls the cops on her for abusing him, not a single f*** would be given that day. If he returns her smack with one of his own, he's looking at an overnight, minimum. Equality? You don't know the meaning of the word."

This comment makes me wonder what planet the poster is from:

Wow, so suddenly when these jokes are about men they are sexist and no longer funny? Way to enforce a double standard, dudes. How about let's stop telling women to get back in the kitchen and THEN I'll listen to your whining about "reverse sexism."

Wait. What?

Eventually a poster has to come up with a cornucopia of typical feminist "facts" to point out how violence against a man is justified (along with atrocious grammar):

RIOT! And for all the morons getting their panniesin a twist about a GUY being slapped for once - tell you what , AFTER we've had TEN THOUSAND YEARS of women NOT having less rights in half the countries across he globe than your average piece of patio furniture , equal pay for equal work , the right to vote , drive, own your own body , not be killed by , say, yr DAD for being five mins. late coming back from school( if you are even PERMITTED TO GO TO SCHOOL ) because you might have talked -TALKED !- to a man , being raped with impunity and sometimes married off to yr rapist , being CASTRATED , being even in the first world raped every three minutes and beaten and killed , frequently with no/inadequate punishment for the aggressor THEN you assholes get to bitch about double standards and hypocrisy . And you're posting this unconnected with reality as everyone knows it garbage on a GAY and NON-SEXIST man's page ? Pointless douche canoes .

"A man chooses. A slave obeys." What if a man 'chooses' to obey, because he is met with scorn, shame and ridicule and rendered a social outcasts if he does not?

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