All Men Are Potential Pedophiles in the Eyes of Australian Airlines

Started by K9, Aug 14, 2012, 03:22 PM

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Explaining misandry to a feminist is like explaining "wet" to a fish.



We have endured this crap for decades through warped opinions, but now they are trying to actually enforce rules.

If anyone bothered to look up the facts they would find:
- Most paedophiles/rings/abusers are couples or larger groups.  In the majority of cases, a woman will approach the child and lure it away to evade suspicion.  So by continuing to point a finger at men unfairly, people are actually an accessory to paedophilia by helping them mask abductions.
- In school safe-keeping statistics (in the UK, from experience of those working in the education sector), taking in to account the lack of male to female teachers ratios, cases of emotional abuse on a child are perpetrated by women over 70% of the time and physical abuse over half the time.

So who is the real harmful person to be sitting next to a strange minor?

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