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Started by wh666, Aug 17, 2012, 04:57 PM

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Hello everyone.

I have emailed the NHS in the past and received paltry replies about the subject of male contraceptives, so, I thought the next logical step in action is to petition the government and NHS in the UK.

I would ask everyone, home or abroad, to please sign this petition. It is only with overwhelming support, including submission to press groups, that we can make this an issue that will be heard and not brushed aside. Please email to anyone you know and freely share on facebook/etc etc.

Please let me know as well, any wording you may think I need to edit. It may seem long, but I tried to address most points the general public would perhaps agree with to maximise signatories. Any good pictures, that will win the signatures of everyone, would be good to add as well.

For over a decade now, the promise of male contraceptives has moved beyond science-fiction, with choices that should be available, that wouldn't induce long term harm. There are other simple choices beyond synthetic testosterone.

The fact is, many couples, especially in long term relationships, both wish to engage in unprotected sex. So at the moment, the only male choices are condoms or a vasectomy, which can't always be reversed easily, limiting it as a choice for many people who may want children in the future.

Other choices include:
- IVD's (a simple plug in the sperm ducts)
- RISUG (a chemical injected in to the sperm ducts that acts rather like a spermicide and is then washed away with another injection when the male wishes to reproduce)

Other trials including male coils haven't been overly successful, but either of the methods above seem plausible. RISUG is the least invasive option and the best candidate. In trials worldwide, RISUG was effective in 249 out of 250 candidates and the one failure was reportedly due to an incorrectly placed injection.

One simple injection, can last for over ten years if so wished. Surely one simple injection, from a fiscal point, given to many men, is better than endless pills for women with terrible side effects or unwanted pregnancies which strain our NHS.

Since the scandal of the first female pills, where some women became very ill as the first formulations weren't suitable, I can understand the risk in not trialling and rushing out another pill. No-one wants that backlash.

However so many other choices exist, with some even being trialled in the past throughout the world, yet these choices still aren't available. It isn't because the technology doesn't exist, but because it isn't available publicly, playing politics with people's choices.

An abundance of female contraception exists, so it is only fair that men have that choice and it isn't just an issue foisted on women as their responsibility.

One excuse is cost. In the UK, where the NHS and Planned Parenthood clinics are free, I and many other men would not object to co-paying a small amount to help fund contraception while it is rolled out.

Another excuse is that men would not want to take it. That is why I ask people to sign this petition, to show we would take it and such an argument is sexist. Many of us have empathy for our girlfriends/wives, having irregular periods through their current contraception, see planned parenthood as a joint agreement and would be willing to take contraception ourselves if it were available. Please give us that democratic choice.

Please sign this petition to show the government and NHS that we want contraceptive choice for both genders. Equal responsibility should be an option.


If one injection could be effective for as long as 10 years, I can foresee men being sterilized against their will or even without their knowledge.  :yikes:
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I imagine like implants, this would be done in medical centres only.  The contraception can be reversed with another injection.


If one injection could be effective for as long as 10 years, I can foresee men being sterilized against their will or even without their knowledge.  :yikes:

The gov't can now force you to buy something (not just healthcare) or be taxed for it. I see the day when men are required to be sterilized or taxed if they don't.
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Guys, ultimately, this is about stopping men being tricked in to relationships or support for a child they did not consent to.  This is about giving us some control.

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