This is what my sister thinks of 80% male suicide

Started by Pacman7331, Nov 04, 2012, 08:53 PM

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I've heard this statistic before and think it's very sad, it does seem like more men do this. If you recall, Xs' brother Y took his life two years ago. This circumstances surrounding his death ( and others I would think) have very little to do with politics and who is president and more to do with mental illness.

Since you look this information up I wonder if you know of any statistics that state more men suffer from mental illness? It doesn't seem like that would be true except for the statistic about  suicide you mentioned implies this. If it's true then society needs to do a better job detecting mental illness at the early stages so we can help these boys/men and save their lives.

My Response:

So you think men who kill themselves are mentally ill?

What if they are sick of living in a world which teaches they be feared and reviled, where all privileges go to women, and if anything goes to a man it's sexist? The pressures men are subjected to and how little we are appreciated are enough to make anyone want to die.

Ever heard of blaming the victim?

Seems when you assume there is something wrong with men when they suffer like you have right off the bat, that you have a bias against them, and generally think women are superior?

Am I right?

If that is the common attitude towards men:

1) That their suffering is meaningless they're just sick men
2) If they suffer it's because they are simply more flawed as they are male.

Not that:

Society subjugates and oppresses men to the point of suicide.


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Her POV is the gov'ts POV. Our response should be, WHERE'S THE MONEY? The US gov't is extremely adept at manufacturing crisis to throw money at (for women and children); they spend millions just looking for cases that fit their agenda. Where's the millions to study this issue? Why isn't the gov't looking for a "poster boy" for this issue?
Guess I have to spell it out for the Lurkers....BECAUSE THESE VICTIMS HAVE A PENIS!
Explaining misandry to a feminist is like explaining "wet" to a fish.

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You know, the very fact that this hasn't been used as a means to create feminist indoctrination centers for men implies that dead men are prefereable to brainwashed useful idiot men.


Getting offended by questions seems counter-productive. If more men are dying from suicide, and mental illness is heavily correlated with suicide, then it is safe to hypothesize that men suffer from mental illnesses more, and then look for the causes of these mental illnesses.
Evolution doesn't stop at the neck.


Getting offended by questions seems counter-productive. If more men are dying from suicide, and mental illness is heavily correlated with suicide, then it is safe to hypothesize that men suffer from mental illnesses more, and then look for the causes of these mental illnesses.

Men tend to choose methods that are more effective when they commit suicide. Suck starting a 12GA is much more fatal than eating a bunch of pills. Women make more "suicide jestures" and get the attention they need that way. The societal problem is there are many more resources allocated to mental health for women, and women are encouraged to get help. Men are limited and in some cases turned away because funds for providers for low income people are often specifically earmarked for women(they are the hardest hit don't you know) and men cant even get an appointment. Then there is the attitude that some men have that other men who are having these issues are "Pussies" and they just need to suck it up and get over it.
You may sleep soundly at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence upon those who seek to harm you.


Well put Brian. As for women being less likely to have mental illness, then this shows that is very wrong. The link just shows Brian is right because our society tends to ignore and downplay males having mental illnesses. Just show the following to her and ask her how it come men commit suicide more often though women tend to have mental illnesses at about twice the rate of men! Maybe our having special suicide hotlines for young girls and women like I see is not such a great use of tax money after all since they do not have them or more mental illness services for men.

Also show here the new healthcare act requirements to discriminate against men and use that as an example of how our society and government care for and treat men while calling it a war on women.


See, now that's how you prevent suicide altogether, take away the male stigma from persuing  mental health treatment and actually allow for men to so it. This idea that women suffer more from mental afflictions causes professionals to think that they do, when really they shouldnbe as gender blind asmpossible when accepting patients, and leave society to encourage those with mental illnesses to actually persue treatement.

mentor invited me up and I think it's good for society overall but I also thiNo men should be encouraged to seek help, as it is a sign of strength to fix your demons, not a sign of weakness.
Evolution doesn't stop at the neck.


Also if your male and you say that you are going to kill yourself, the police will pull a gun on you and arrest you.
Or sometimes they just shoot you:
Guess if you really wana die just say you are going to kill yourself and the police will kill you, so you don't have to fear divine punishment. Lol  :angel4:
Anyone wana bet how much less this happens to suicidal females?
I'll bet never.



I'm always weary when people think the best form of equality is a shitty time for everyone.
Evolution doesn't stop at the neck.

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