Edmonton police take on domestic abuse with graphic ads

Started by outdoors, Nov 19, 2012, 01:19 PM

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Edmonton police take on domestic abuse with graphic ads

Huge rise in abuse cases due to higher level of reporting, say police

Edmonton police responded to nearly 5,300 cases of domestic violence between January and August 2012, almost one-third more than the same period last year.

But police continue to believe the numbers reflect the growing number of victims speaking out.

"While these figures are troubling, they also underline a positive trend -- more and more people, not only victims, but members of the community -- are taking a stand against domestic violence and reporting these incidents to police," Staff Sgt. Darcy Strang said in a media release.

Police are hoping a campaign around two graphic commercials
Domestic Violence Spot 2
will encourage more people to come forward in cases of abuse.

"These victims sometimes feel isolated and afraid to leave their abusive relationship, but they need to know that the police take the victim's situation very seriously and can provide not only legal assistance but social support connections," said Strang.


outdoors attempted comment;

How about a male with a knife in his back?

It is a shame the police base their policy's on feminist mythology where male victim's are excluded from any help or resources and are generally arrested and punished for reporting a violent female.

Of course then you have women who use the cop's as violence by proxy.

Men,all you can do is curl into a ball and hope she doesn't grab a weapon.(more advice than anyone else will give you)


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