Okanagan teen guilty of manslaughter

Started by neoteny, Nov 20, 2012, 12:35 PM

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Okanagan teen guilty of manslaughter
Canadian Press

A mother's tears capped five weeks of high emotion in a Kelowna courtroom, as the teen charged with stabbing Ashlee Hyatt in the neck was found guilty of manslaughter.

Charrie Hyatt lost her composure on the courthouse steps shortly after a jury rendered its decision Sunday afternoon, finding the girl who killed 16-yearold Ashlee guilty of manslaughter.

"Ashlee got justice. And we're so happy," Hyatt said. "We wanted [the accused] to be accountable for taking a life . . . She didn't walk away from this. That's good enough for me."

The jury heard as many as 20 teens gathered at a house in Peachland, about 20 kilometres south of Kelowna, after the accused and several others went drinking and four-by-fouring in June 2010. Hyatt and the hostess accused the suspect, then 16, of kissing a boy.

The argument escalated to a fight and Hyatt suffered a five centimetre deep stab wound that severed a major artery.

The judge allowed the suspect to go home on strict bail conditions, pending her sentencing.


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