Corrupt Family Court Judge Nailed

Started by Captain Courageous, Nov 26, 2012, 10:29 PM

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Captain Courageous

I-Team: Family Court Judge Charged in $3M Fraud Scheme

LAS VEGAS -- A controversial family court judge has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of defrauding people of more than $3 million over a 10-year period.

Clark County Family Court Judge Steven Jones, a 20-year member of the bench, has been charged by federal authorities with conspiracy, fraud, and money laundering crimes for devising and participating in an investment fraud scheme in which he and five others swindled more than $3 million from victims, announced Daniel Bogden, United States Attorney for Nevada.

Jones, 54, was indicted along with Thomas A. Cecrle, Jr., 55, and Terry J. Wolfe, 57, all of Henderson, Constance C. Fenton, 68, of Gig Harbor, Wash., Mark L. Hansen, 54, of Corvallis, Ore., and Ashlee M. Martin, 38, of Las Vegas. The group faces a total of 20 charges including one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud, six counts of wire fraud, one count of securities fraud, one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, two counts of engaging in money transactions in criminally-derived property, and nine counts of money laundering.


Forget about the stinking dog of a sub-normal woman whom may or may not exercise her falsely assumed authorities, to eject her child's father from its life for a moments whim or fleeting fancy, if you can ...

... and think about the parasitic amoeba and army, of state processors, state contractors, state bureaucrats, state intruders and state interferers whom are the REAL force demanding, suborning, supporting and enforcing such odious laws. It is these bloodsucking pathogens that have the real might and the real means to ever create circumstances for the perpetual need of such laws, such institutions and such unwanted services to misandry, as they may wish to supply by force.

When anti-male-anti-father misandry is looked at in unsentimental monochrome and seen for what it is, you begin to see its institutional staff, as that malevolent omnipotent force, driving all the hatred and trivialization of men as men and men as fathers. By fomenting, normalizing and validating antimale anxieties and anti-male enproblematizations, these official processors and enforcers on State wages are able to perpetually justify their activities and their services for which we must all pay by force.

How else would the growing army of job-seeking and rent-seeking officials ever get to draw such easy salaries and such excessively high bills off their public treasuries for unwanted services, if not by first disguising their foul economic intents and malign pecuniary purposes behind "rights-talk" for women and children ?


This site is for the naming and shaming of contact deniers - parents, solicitors, judges, Cafcass officers, MP's and any other parties involved in contact denial and the forcible separation of children from their fathers. It is clear to us that the lack of enforcement of legally binding court orders between children and their fathers is encouraging resident parents to deliberately break the law with impunity, often with the encouragement of their legal representatives. No longer. Where court orders have been breached and where contact has been denied for no good reason, the names of those concerned will be published here along with the names of anyone else involved directly or indirectly with contact denial. Contact denial is a serious human rights violation.

When naming parents, you will need to be in possession of a court order for contact which we may need you to supply. Please note, all content is moderated so there will be a delay before your content appears.

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Baby P boss Sharon Shoesmith secures 680,000 payout.

Sharon Shoesmith said she "did not recognise" the amount being reported:
Baby P legal fees cost council 196k

The former head of Haringey children's services Sharon Shoesmith has been awarded 679,452 following her unfair dismissal claim.

Ms Shoesmith was sacked after a damning report into the 2007 death of Peter Connelly, known as Baby P, who was subjected to months of abuse.

The payments, previously been rumoured to be a six-figure sum, emerged in the London council's accounts.

But Ms Shoesmith told the BBC: "This is not a figure I recognise."

She added: "I have made a confidential agreement with Haringey that prevents me giving the actual figures."

However, the council's draft accounts for 2013-2014 show Ms Shoesmith was awarded 377,266 for salary, fees and allowance, 217,266 in compensation for loss of office, and 84,819 for employer pension contributions.

Peter Connelly had more than 50 injuries, despite being on the at-risk register and receiving 60 visits from social workers, police and health professionals over eight months.

Baby Peter's mother, Tracey Connelly, her boyfriend, Steven Barker, and his brother, Jason Owen, were jailed in May 2009 for causing or allowing the child's death.

Continue reading the main story
Baby Peter timeline

Baby Peter Connelly
3 August 2007: One-year-old Peter Connelly (Baby P) found dead in his cot
11 November 2008: Peter's mother, Tracey Connelly, her boyfriend Steven Barker and his brother Jason Owen convicted of causing his death
13 November 2008: Ed Balls orders inquiry into role of the local authority, the health authority and the police
8 December 2008: Ms Shoesmith is sacked with immediate effect
22 May 2009: Connelly, Owen and Barker all get lengthy jail sentences
15 September 2010: Ms Shoesmith asks a House of Commons committee why the police and health services had not also been made to take responsibility
27 May 2011: The Court of Appeal rules in favour of Ms Shoesmith
Oct 2013: Ms Shoesmith agrees a six-figure payout with Haringey Council
June 2014: It is revealed Ms Shoesmith was awarded 679,452 in compensation.

Timeline of Baby P case
▶ Sharon Shoesmith on child protection
Ms Shoesmith was sacked in December 2008 by the then children's secretary Ed Balls.

She claimed she had been unfairly dismissed and the Court of Appeal ruled in her favour in 2011, saying she had been "unfairly scapegoated".

Haringey Council previously revealed it had spent 196,000 fighting Ms Shoesmith's case for unfair dismissal.

The compensation package is more than the minimum suggested by senior judge Lord Neuberger in the 2011 ruling.

He gave the opinion Ms Shoesmith was entitled to a minimum of three months' salary plus pensions contributions, which would have amounted to about 33,000.

However, last year a government source told BBC Newsnight the cost to Haringey Council could be as high as 600,000.

In a statement, the local authority confirmed it had reached a settlement with Ms Shoesmith.

It said: "The terms of the settlement are confidential. We are unable to comment further on this matter."

Kerry Underwood, an employment lawyer, said confidential settlements like Ms Shoesmith's "should not be allowed" when they involve public money.

Such payouts should also be subject to extra scrutiny, he added.

"When local authorities are cutting back hard then it should go back to tribunal or court to be approved," Mr Underwood said.

"That would not cost a lot of money, it would be a relatively short hearing."

Peter Connelly died in August 2007 at the age of 17 months.


""The terms of the settlement are confidential. We are unable to comment further on this matter."
I understand.
Maybe (fill in the blank) will supplant your fear of "confidential settlement terms" agreements with public funds?   


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Shaun Wright is a former Labour councillor in Rotherham and was head of children's services

Fellow skeptics, observe how here an idiot of a man and rent-seeking agent of socialism, will stay in official position and receivership of millions of pounds in salary or alternatively pretend to quit the job only to still take millions of pounds in an agreed pay off beforehand.

To be fair, not a single one of these god damned state paid workers, staff, police, lawyers, social workers, charitable hacks or family court judges are equipped or able to sustain and maintain the best interests of children that are not theirs. Child safety and protection, first and foremost is a Job for parents, specifically fathers, whom would do a much better job for their own sons and daughters, outside and but for the unwanted intrusions of these damned officials.

Unlike fathers of dead children whom get nothing, the vile stinking wench above was voted over 800,000 thousand pounds from the public treasury by an employment tribunal, itself sustained by the public treasury. Now this idiot of a man and rent-seeking hack is also no doubt in line to receive his own share of millions one way or the other from the public treasury as well. A unifying theme with these unwanted and hated agents of socialism is their damaging movements from public service position to public service position, where from they respectably bleed their public treasuries dry under the pretenses and false guises of child and womens services provision.

Uninitiated or misinformed men and fathers should understand this: Genderists, Feminists, Socialists and other Officious Parasites seeking after jobs, salaries and wages drawn from the public purse, will get your children killed and your personal relationships destroyed purely in order to extract a living administering the mess and confusion they create. And these people continue with impunity, because they are never realistically to give account for their actions but on the contrary are to be re-compensated for failure by other bureaucrats similarly placed as themselves.

Rotherham child abuse: Commissioner faces calls to resign

Shaun Wright PCC for South Yorkshire Shaun Wright is a former Labour councillor in Rotherham and was head of children's services.

1,400 children abused' in Rotherham
Rotherham abuse scandal at a glance
The history of a child abuse scandal

South Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner is facing calls to resign after the publication of a report into widespread child abuse in Rotherham.

The study, published on Tuesday, found at least 1,400 children in the town were sexually exploited by criminal gangs between 1997 and 2013.

PCC Shaun Wright was responsible for children's services at Rotherham Council from 2005 to 2010.

He has apologised for the authority's failings during his time in the post.

But his political rivals say he should stand down from his role in the wake of the findings being made public.

'Appalling' failings

Rotherham Council leader Roger Stone quit following the publication of the report which detailed gang rapes, grooming, trafficking and other sexual exploitation on a wide scale in the South Yorkshire town.

But calls for further resignations have gathered momentum as the spotlight now turns on to others at the helm of local services during the time of the abuse.

It has emerged that no council employees would face disciplinary action, as the authority's chief executive, Martin Kimber, said there was not enough evidence to prosecute.

This is despite the report's author, Professor Alexis Jay, concluding there had been "blatant" collective failures by the council's leadership.

A victim of sexual abuse in Rotherham told BBC's Panorama: "I was a child and they should have stepped in"

Former children's minister Tim Loughton told the BBC's Newsnight that any social worker involved in the failings in Rotherham "has absolutely no place" in the care of children.

The Conservative MP claimed it was a "common theme" in sex abuse scandals that "nobody pays the consequences".

"A social worker responsible for protecting vulnerable children, to turn a blind eye to a 12-year-old having sexual relationships with a stranger twice, three times her age and to say that was consensual sex and to do nothing about it - that person has absolutely no place in anything to do with vulnerable children," he said.

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion wants an investigation into whether senior staff involved in the scandal are still working in child protection

Speaking on the same programme the Labour MP for Rotherham, Sarah Champion, said the report showed frontline staff had tried to tackle the problem but those in senior positions had failed.

"The fact that they could still be working in child protection, of course that is something that all of us are very concerned about and we need to investigate very fast," she said.

"That benign neglect of the children they're meant to be taking care of could still be going on."
'Insincere apologies'

Those politically opposed to former Labour councillor Mr Wright believe his position as the PCC for the South Yorkshire region is now untenable.

The leader of the Lib Dem group on Sheffield City Council, Colin Ross, said: "Lessons must be learnt and those responsible must be held to account.

"Shaun Wright was the councillor in charge of children's services at Rotherham Council and also sat on the Authority of South Yorkshire Police when both organisations knew about the level of child sexual exploitation, but chose not do anything about it.

Former Children's Minister Tim Loughton and Sarah Champion MP say they are concerned implicated staff could still be working with vulnerable children

"It's difficult to see how local people can have confidence in him to continue as our PCC."

UKIP Yorkshire and Humber MEP Jane Collins said: "I categorically call for the resignation of everyone directly and indirectly involved in this case.

"The Labour Council stand accused of deliberately ignoring child sex abuse victims for 16 years. The apologies we have heard are totally insincere and go nowhere near repairing the damage done.

"These resignations should include South Yorkshire's PCC Shaun Wright who, until his election into the post, held responsible positions with Rotherham Council."

A spokesman for Mr Wright responded: "The commissioner is pleased that the inquiry conducted by Alexis Jay finally shines a light on the errors made in relation to safeguarding children in Rotherham and that constructive action can be taken to protect young people as a result of the report and recommendations.

"The commissioner has previously apologised for the failure of Rotherham Council while he was in its cabinet from 2005 to 2010.

"He repeats that apology today and he fully accepts that there was more that everyone at Rotherham Council should have done to tackle this terrible crime."

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