Shattering the Mens rights movement

Started by outdoors, Feb 14, 2013, 03:06 AM

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Wooly "Libertarians are not welcome in the Mens Movment" Bumblebee

Fascinating. I went and read the Why the Mens Rights Movement will fail article. It makes the most fundamental mistake which can be done regarding libertarianism: it assumes that because libertarians don't want things done by the government, then they don't want it done at all, i.e. supporting fellow men experiencing problems.

The libertarian ignorance of human nature, that people are inherently flawed and therefore prone to greed, corruption, selfishness, betrayal, and a desire to compete in order to assert dominance is why we need government and regulations, and to help those who are not as fortunate or able.

For the life of me I can't imagine how can someone list all of those things and not see that giving (more & more) governmental power to those people who suffer from all those handicaps is a very bad idea. For some reason, the writer assumes that "government and regulations" are going to be exercised by people who are free of those negative traits; that veritable angels are going to govern & regulate... contrary to all experiences of humankind.
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You are such a little hypocrite - let me remind you of something:-

I praise the work of the "Canadian's" that avfm exploit's in the vid's,geez,where would Elam be with out them?

Oh ya,Texas.

Why does Elam all of a sudden put his name on the vid's,when these guy's have their own youtube channel's?

When the vid's don't serve Elam's own narcissism then the guy's can actually take credit on their own by submitting their own work on their own youtube account.

Another thing,Elam and his crew are constantly saying "we don't endorse violence of any kind" ,yet censor or ban anyone that may have their own opinion,is this not a form of "power and control" violence?

Who the fuck is the hypocrite?

Did Elam ever come through with his promise to donate to or exchange banner's as promised?


Didn''t think so.

Factory,woolybumblehead is about the worst thing that has happened to the mrm in quite some time.

Foul mouthed freak with a different hair style/colour every day which more than likely shows some type of personality disorder.

No one has divided the mrm more than her.

If the Canadian's stuck together and dumped Elamomania,we may actually get somewhere.

The Canadian's know how to fight this battle,Elam has no f'n clue on how to deal with the Canadian fight,while he hides in Texas.

His arrogance will be ignored.

His cowshit might fly while he is in the shadow's in Texas,but it will not fly with anyone of significance in this country.

While he sit's on his ass in Texas waiting for his next target for exploitation,the real activist's(Canadian's) are out in the street.

dr e

okay.  This has devolved into a series of personal attacks. Thread closed. Take it to email or someplace else please.
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