Hi there! (From South America).

Started by grimov, Mar 11, 2013, 09:45 AM

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Hello everyone. This is my first time here and I would love to learn from the discussions and contribute if it is possible.

My name is Mauricio and I am a teacher and a film maker. I am about to finish a documentary on Parental Alienation- a growing type of abuse in this part of the planet. In the research process- trying to ascertain the root cause of PA- I stumbled upon feminism. Willing to expose the danger of this kind of extremist thought I realized I could not possibly cover the whole thing just as a "footnote" in a documentary on Parental Alienation and decided to make a documentary about feminism as well. I would love to resort to an objective narrative but I'm not planning to pussyfoot on the tough topics. Eventually I would like to get an online pre screening and get some feedback. I must clarify I'm not planning on making a single cent form the documentaries. Quite the opposite, I would like this info to be available to as many people as possible free of charge. Since most of the up to date and interesting material I've got my hands on is in English the process is a little crazy: The whole project needs lots of subtitles in Spanish and I will end up adding subtitles to the Spanish narration in order to make it available to Spanish impaired interested parties. The things that happen down here regarding Parental Alienation and feminism are pretty much universal.

Hope to get to know most of you and share interesting and ground breaking material, opinions and possibly friendships.

Best regards,

Mauricio (user name: grimov)

P.S.: Thanks Dr. E!

dr e

Hi Grimov - Good to see you here and to hear of your documentary work.  I know many here would love to see what you are doing and I am certain you will get a round of applause for your interest in doing a documentary on feminism.  There is a huge need to expose the lies that feminism has plastered all over the globe in hopes that the average man and woman can finally get a balanced idea of what is going on rather than the one-sided half story that they have been spoon fed thus far.


Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.


Thanks for the welcome.

There are people already successfully doing their part to communicate the truth about feminism and "gender theory" with audiovisual tools. I will post an awesome link about that in the proper section.



Is there anything particular we could help you with?

For instance

  • Collecting interlinks to interesting material

  • Review plans and provide proposals

  • Review footage and provide feedback

  • Find some other experts

  • Other



Thanks for the offer Peter and I'm definitely taking it. Of course I'm approaching the whole project "guerrilla style", lots of inks to serious news and papers backing up sound studies (Google Scholar is just the most famous serious source for such information), relevant video material (youtube, Vimeo, News sites), any interesting discussion about the topic that shed some light to understand it and even humor from different sources.

I'm just drawing up an outline- haven't finished with the Parental Alienation video- so proposals to one would be greatly appreciated. I want to follow a pattern that I just think brings better results:

1.- The problem and why is so serious (most of the time people tend to just accept what they have been told without seeing the dire consequences).

2.- The root causes of the problem (nothing happens just "because").

3.- Possible solutions. It's fruitless to just leave a bitter taste but rather to come up with a solution or at least increase  grass roots movement to expand awareness and a call to action.

I hope we can come up with some awesome documentary that will somehow change history.

All the best,


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