The Genetic Makeup of a Feminist

Started by dr e, Apr 29, 2013, 05:51 AM

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dr e

I have grown to believe that feminists have a unique genetic makeup.  I am sure that scientists will discover before too long that this is the truth.  Let's make a list of the genes that they will find.  Here's a start.

1.  The Entitlement Gene.  Scientists will find a gene that skyrockets a person's sense of entitlement and it will become a major marker for feminist genetics.

2. The Bitter Gene.  Enough said.

3. The Egocentrism Gene.  Yes, this gene will explain a great deal.  Feminist will be shown to have a genetic marker that drastically increases their concern for their own situation.  The obvious result is an inability to have compassion for others outside of their own group.

4. The Blame Gene.  This one will come with a behavioral marker that identifies the underlying genetics. The marker is the pointed index finger towards everything other than self.

5.  The Listening Impaired Gene.  This gene impairs the feminist's ability to listen to others points of view.

What would you add to this list?
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These "feminist" genomes tend being more environmentally conditioned traits than truly genetically heritable. More nurture than nature.

But in the spirit of the post ...

The Narcissism gene

The Duplicity gene

The Cynicism gene

The Two-faced gene

The mercenary gene

The profiteering and rent-seeking gene   


Please take a second look at the seven blathering loudmouths and idiot females shooting their empty vacant loads in the caption above. Or if you will the apparatchiks of FEMEN, the Slut-Walkers etc, etc.

Why? :

Because taking a second look at them may lead one to the conclusion that the people most hurt and most damaged by feminism and the genderist institutions supporting feminism, are women themselves.

Every single one of the protesting dykes, the women, the feminists or other female malcontent clique doing the flash-mob or university demonstration circuit would have, in an honest age and time, say two generations ago, easily found herself a suitable mate. That is, an agreeable MAN of lifetime commitment / partnership.

Almost every woman of whatever appearance, social-grace, status, race, religion or economic background would, only two generations or so ago, have easily found a suitable / adequate mate to quietly settle down with. Whatever her faults or her virtues, by him she would have easily begotten and had robust children, she would have easily begotten and had robust grandchildren ... And most importantly of all, alongside her lifelong mate, she would have easily begotten and had personal DIGNITY and the love of a MAN.

That's right suckers: A woman's most prized possession or achievement on this earth is attainment of personal DIGNITY through achieving the love of a MAN committed to begetting CHILDREN with her in a lifetime partnership with HER.  Call me a patriarch or fool for daring to say so if you like, its the plain truth.

FEMINISM and the institutions propping up all the poisons and delusions of feminism, has denied ALL of these good things of a good life lived well and to the max to ALL women. In attempting to deceive women and men into accepting a meaningless life of endless conflict, perpetual acrimony and a meaningless search for equality, FEMINISM and its genderist institutions have denied ALL women any happiness, any fulfillment and any bit of the good life.

Today in Ukraine, America, Europe, India, Sweden and elsewhere that feminism has invaded and inserted itself, you see the ugliest of the uglys parading their nakedness, slut-walking, indoctrinating freshers at universities, staging sit-ins and spreading their banality wide and loud. These women are indeed truly unhappy at their modern day plight of not making the grade of being seen as fertile and fecund women good enough to attract a mate. But whose fault is this ?

Ordinary men as husbands, friends, work-colleagues and lovers have always accommodated women of whatever appearance [good or bad], whatever grace [good or bad], whatever intelligence [good or bad] or whatever rank [good or bad]. Indeed, as a matter of natural instinct and predisposition have men, sometimes painstakingly in spite of themselves always accommodated all women. It is the advent of feminism and feminist institutions, but not men themselves, that has come to deny the goodness of men to women.

Every man has to bear this in mind when addressing female blathering loudmouths or other genderist malcontents. Women used to quite easily find a place of dignity and a space for personal fulfillment in life only two generations ago. It is only thanks to the unrealistic demands and delusional imaginations of feminism that have denied these things to the women of today.

Cowards, misfits, white knights and other rent seeking professionals and men forming part of the staff-working army servicing institutions of genderism wont be able to admit these things to themselves, let alone state these things out with any conviction.

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