Against Women's Suffrage

Started by fschmidt, Aug 13, 2013, 12:32 PM

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This may be of interest here.  I am not very political, but if one wants to consider things from a political point of view, then I think it should be clear that women's suffrage is the core political problem.
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Interesting points.  I think he is right about the evolution of men as leaders who had thousands of years of making decision for the entire group while women had thousands of years in making decisions for her own group.  I have noticed that men do seem to be better suited in deciding for all.  Very good point that women tend to vote for stuff for women while men tend to also vote for stuff for women and also for the whole. 

If you look at the results of out nearly 20 years of female suffrage you have to conclude that during that time we have increased our consumption of goods by many, many factors.  Could this be partly due to women's suffrage?  Who knows?  It's also true that it was during this time that we have participated in wars outside our own borders. Interesting.
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I agree, lost in SO many of the conversations involving the topic of men, women, and feminism is biology (evolution).

Somewhat off the subject but this thread reminded me of a little discussion with a woman I used to work with (fairly non-feminist) a little while back about a difference I noticed between men and women and work stress. The topic of women in authority positions and the many interesting 'issues' that sometimes accompany said women came up, and I said to her that men, on average, handle stress better than women do (implying we handle big decisions and problems that arise better). She didn't exactly disagree but she wanted an example, something in the "real" world, something to back up what I just said. Fair enough, so I asked her why do people cry? She thought for a moment, but I answered for her- other than physical pain people cry when they get emotionally overwhelmed. I then asked her if she'd ever seen a woman cry at work, or outside of work because of work? She admitted she had, and so have I, many times in fact from many jobs.

But I have never seen a man reduced to tears at work/outside work because of work at any time. I'm not sure if this completely convinced her or not, but it did make her think.

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