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Started by dr e, Jul 23, 2007, 05:31 AM

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 girls need their dads and sons need their moms-to think any other way is just wrong.
My children were the judge in my case-they wouldn't and couldn't be with-out either parent for to long and they let us both know that freedom between the parents is their right-
not for the courts to drain all their mom and dads money and make them go to war over something that  rightfully belongs to both of them.Dad does things for the kids that mom doesn't and Mom does things for the kids that dad doesn't.This only damages the kids.
We must do our best to shut these industries down.
Dunno how often you come west but i can tell you it sure is nice not hearing man-bashing in the media now -only gender nuetral commercials on violence where no one deserves to be abused.
Its all about the money!!!!
I have tried to make an example of my town for others to follow and so far its been working(slowly but surely).I was laughed at,called violent,called radical,have to admit i did get angry and emotional but it has worked.I got a call from an older lady(78) yesterday that has watched her sons get raped by the system all over them wanting to see their kids.A great big "thank-you "was all i needed to hear.She supports me and will write letters or do anything i ask to help in my mission.The support i am getting now, compared to earlier in my trek is astounding.I have stuck my neck out to challenge a system that is just wrong- people are seeing it now-to bad every guy  and girl won't stand up to the descrimination-i think no fault custody wouldn't be an issue-it would be law.No one that i talk to disagrees with me. Except for the odd idealogical feminist,who i can now cut to pieces with facts on the effects on society by promoting hate,with-out losing my calm(it's hard)but i can now.I still have a long way to go-but i am not stoppin now-I hit at every level from the local government to the highest in government. I am mostly trying to get equal justice for men and if it means attacking local police policies or trying to get gov. funding for a mens alternative safe house(which i can't)-i will not give up.

p.s. I even have had a couple strangers shake my hand and tell me to keep going


I know they need both, but we don't live in a perfect world.

Sounds like you're doing good things. :)


oops! i live east of ya about 4 hours.
no the lawyers ,social workers and the judges draconian laws make war even between two ppl that mutually agree to everything in a seperation-they make parents hate each other.
They are the real child abusers.

Alien Love Child

ALC - Just a side note to let you know that Devia has a habit of believing the exception (read "her experience") disproves the rule.  So many times men on the board will offer their experience of discrimination and Devia will offer her latest story that goes against the grain of what is being said.  She is like a pebble in ones shoe.  If you do much walking you will get pebbles in your shoe every now and then.  Know what I mean?  The important thing is to not let her attempts at diluting a man's experience of discrimination or his emotional pain get under your skin. 

Thank you, I already had that figured out.  In fact, I believe I proved to be a pebble in her shoe albeit not intentional.

Mad Hatter

Weird, Devias Email comes as Dell Burns .. at a locale in Texas.

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Congratulations, you've successfully unmasked Devia some six years after s/he showed up last time here and some two years after the expiration date of the domain info. Your prize is a previously enjoyed lollipop stick.
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Mad Hatter

Well I don't come to this site that often, just figured it was mildly amusing.  :dontknow:
And the time will come when you'll see we're all one and life flows on, within you and without you. ~ Harrison

dr e

Well I don't come to this site that often, just figured it was mildly amusing.  :dontknow:

Hatter just wanted more of those nude shots of Devia!   :toothy9: :greener:
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Mad Hatter

She did post some or something at one point didn't she? Thing is if I remember correctly she is attractive. But  red head.... eeeeeek!
And the time will come when you'll see we're all one and life flows on, within you and without you. ~ Harrison

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