Subtle Feminist Messaging

Started by Captain Courageous, May 27, 2013, 11:05 AM

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Captain Courageous

Can you detect it in this article?

The Protected Predator Class
by William Norman Grigg

In Utah, as elsewhere in the Soyuz, "battering" a police officer is considered an especially grievous crime. Until earlier this year, this offense was treated as a Class A misdemeanor. Under SB 131, a measure enacted earlier this year by the state legislature, it is now a class C felony.

Any incidental contact between a Mundane and the sanctified personage of a police officer - including the act of breathing on an officer - can be prosecuted as "battery." This would apply to cases in which a woman is desperately trying to prevent an officer from violating her sexually: A victim who puts up resistance in such circumstances can expect to be violently subdued, arrested, and charged with "assaulting an officer."

( ... )

Under SB 131, the newly enacted Utah law on "battering" a law enforcement officer, a future victim of a similar sexual assault by a cop - and there will be others - could be charged with a felony if she tries to escape.

Yes folks! Uniformed sociopaths - they're all male, and they represent another threat that applies only to da wimminz.

Cordell Walker

its not like the article DOESNT have a legit point, dude. Police brutality, including acts which end in death for us mundanes, is a systemic problem, yet, police are protected from us, even when in the wrong
"how can you kill women and children?"---private joker
"Easy, ya just dont lead em as much" ---Animal Mother

Captain Courageous

Who wrote that it DOESN'T have a legitimate point?

Why hype the woman-getting-raped angle in order to get that legit point across?



Why hype the woman-getting-raped angle in order to get that legit point across?


Because there's a woman victim for every situation, don' ya know. And if there isn't we'll make one just so we can have power over you.
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