Stories of quarrels and belligerence show the dark side of Fatherís Day

Started by neoteny, Jun 14, 2013, 05:09 PM

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Stories of quarrels and belligerence show the dark side of Father's Day
Tim Skillern | The Lookout


So rather than marking the day with reasons why our dad is the world's greatest, Yahoo News invited readers to share stories about the most acrimonious, contentious and difficult times they've experienced with their fathers.



Yahoo News lived up to its fame -- or infamy.
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Daddy-haters need to vent too ya know!  :rolle:

Pox on them all!


I wonder if doing the same article for mother's day would be allowed.  :rolle:
ell she turned me into a NEWT!! A newt?! Er..., well I got better.


Notice it was all females that answered.
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I think men more so than women can appreciate "tough love" of the variety that many fathers give
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The local paper was less direct in its attack on fathers this father's day than usual.

But, it did attack fathers just less directly.

It ran a story about various classes that teach men how to be better fathers.

So, this is a day to honor fathers yet the message is on fathers needing education on being fathers.

Again, this is better than previous years where the paper has run stories about fathers killing their children, etc.

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