An Example of Journalistic A.D.D.?

Started by Captain Courageous, Jun 27, 2013, 09:44 AM

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Captain Courageous

Is it me, or does this article start with Forbes List and swing through three totally different topics? Are we "bundling" our news now? If it's about fashion, why is the Forbes List even mentioned? Propaganda in action

Oprah tops Forbes' star-power list again; Gaga 2nd, Spielberg 3rd

By Susan Denley
June 27, 2013, 7:54 a.m.

For the fifth time, Oprah Winfrey has topped Forbes' list of the 100 most powerful celebrities. Besides Oprah, five other women were in the top 10 on the list released Wednesday:  Lady Gaga (ranked No. 2),  Beyoncé (4),  Madonna (5), Taylor Swift (6) and Ellen DeGeneres (10). Men in the top 10 included Steven Spielberg (3), Bon Jovi  (yes, the whole group, at No. 7) and Justin Bieber (9). Who was No. 8? Roger Federer. I would have thought of the tennis player making a top athletes list, but I guess he is a celebrity too. [Forbes]

Labels and designers including Marc Jacobs, Prabal Gurung and Rachel Zoe took to Twitter on Wednesday to applaud the Supreme Court's two decisions in favor of marriage equality, our Booth Moore reports. [Los Angeles Times]

In an interview with the Telegraph, Giorgio Armani says he always wears the same slim watch to his runway shows, and he likes to have a vodka beforehand. He also says he tried LSD once and laughed so hard his back hurt, "like I'd just had a baby." [Telegraph]

Last year, graffiti-ist Kidult sprayed the word "Art" on Marc Jacobs' SoHo store. Jacobs responded by photographing the damage and enshrining it on a T-shirt that went on sale for $686. On Tuesday, Kidult struck again, painting $686 on Jacobs' Paris store, the Cut reports. By nightfall, the store had Tweeted a photo of its employees wearing white caps emblazoned with $686. Next move, Kidult? [The Cut]

A German fashion/soccer blog called Dandy Diary is taking credit for orchestrating the stunt in which a streaker wearing only shoes bounded onstage just after Dolce & Gabbana's runway show in Milan over the weekend. [Fashionista],0,6719475.story



I guess Glenn Beck isn't a "celebrity",  catering to the vapid left half of the bell curve. He pulled down more than ANYONE on Most "Powerful" Celebritues" list. Or uh so I've heard ("The View" style panel show "The Five"-Fox News' replacement for Beck's time slot)

But then, I guess doyens and "consumers" of "popular" are so intellectually needy, they can't even afford to  pay attention...

or something like that.

Is The National Inquirer STILL rated the most "popular" (in sales) of all American periodicals?

Who holds the highest Celebrity Power Index?
Fat Elvis, or Skinny Elvis?
Fat Oprah, or Skinny Opera
Black Michael Jackson, or white Michael Jackson?
Live Marilyn, or dead Marylyn?
"Hanoi" Jane Fonda, or "Workout" Jane Fonda?
Financial Bloomberg, or Mayor Bloomberg?
Sci-Fi L.Ron Hubbard, or scientology L.Ron Hubbard?
Mal-Wart Hillory, or "Bengazi" Hillory?

And I can't even START to consider England's, France's, Italy's, Canada's, Japan's, Hong Kong's, or Oz's,  "Important" people! 



The Biebster made only the 9th spot?! Shame; he was hours late to his show twice, fainted, got his monkey confiscated, wrote a vapid note into the Anne Frank visitor's book, broke up & reconnected w/ Selena Gomez... what does a poor Canuck boy have to do in order to advance on the celebrity list?

I guess coming out as LGBT (serially or all at once) wouldn't necessarily sit well with his target market...
The spreading of information about the [quantum] system through the [classical] environment is ultimately responsible for the emergence of "objective reality." 

Wojciech Hubert Zurek: Decoherence, einselection, and the quantum origins of the classical

Captain Courageous

First it's about Oprah winning something .... again.

Then it's about Armani confusing an LSD trip with giving birth. Hmmmm!

Then it's about making money off a graffiti sprayer.

Then it's about a prank involving a streaker.

Oh to be young and artistic again! :color:

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