The Odd Case of Thomas Green

Started by Captain Courageous, Sep 12, 2013, 12:53 PM

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Captain Courageous

Does this qualify as a false accusation case in your opinion?

The federal judge found the evidence against him to have been faked. Now, they are dicking him around about being released. The feminist mainstream media keep referring to him as the "convicted sex offender".

Thomas Green

Judge Sets Bail For Dying Man In L.I. Sex Abuse Case

Prosecutors dropped their objections to releasing 66-year-old Thomas Green after a doctor confirmed reports that the man is likely dying of cancer.


Judge: Convicted Long Island Sex Offender Must Be Retried Or Released

A notorious Long Island sex offender scored a victory in court Monday, as a judge ordered that he be retried or set free.



The feminist mainstream media keep referring to him as the "convicted sex offender".

A convicted sex offender -- whose conviction was "thrown out" by a federal judge. So he's innocent until proven guilty ... and (apparently) manipulated pictures don't constitute proof.
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Captain Courageous

My local news station (which is experimenting with 'male-free tv' lately) keeps referring to his overturned conviction as though it still stands.

Do any other members here notice a trend toward confining males to the reporting of either sports, weather or riots? Where have all the male anchors gone?

Captain Courageous

L.I. Man Dies Weeks After Release In Sex Abuse Case

Thomas Green Dies Of Cancer At Stony Brook University Medical Center

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