White republican pretends to be black, wins black district

Started by Galt, Nov 10, 2013, 08:40 PM

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A white republican was running in a predominantely black district that apparently only voted in black politicians.

So what does he do? He pretends to be black.

He sent out flyers with lots of black faces that he randomly pulled from the Internet and got an endorsement from a black guy. It looked like he was black from all of his advertising.

He won by a narrow margin.


Why do I not find this surprising.
Imagine waking up tomorrow to find
that unbelievably rape is now legal.

You would be freaking out, telling everyone you ran into this is crazy- something needs to be done... now!!! And then every man you told this to just very smugly and condescendingly says...

"Hey... not all men are 'like that.'"

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