Bill Burr

Started by Virtue, Nov 11, 2013, 10:27 AM

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Imagine waking up tomorrow to find
that unbelievably rape is now legal.

You would be freaking out, telling everyone you ran into this is crazy- something needs to be done... now!!! And then every man you told this to just very smugly and condescendingly says...

"Hey... not all men are 'like that.'"


Bill Burr is funny because he hits it right on the money.

I would normally leave the chivalrous dudes - supporting manipulative housewives - to their own fate. Which is to either have to sit home listening to the spoiled-brat housewife tell you that you didn't fulfill every demand of hers ... or ... having to pay a massive one-time amount and ongoing monthly checks (until she dies or remaries in permanent alimony states like Florida).

But these people influence the lives of everyone. Tucker Carlson wants to play the Big Bad Chivalrous Guy who can only be fulfilled as a man when he takes on responsibility for a whore. The problem is that people like him are also in the judiciary and executive branches. His clone in Florida (the governor) vetoed a bill that would have gotten rid of permanent alimony.

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