Fatal occupational injuries by worker characteristics and event or exposure, All

Started by mens_issues, Jan 07, 2014, 03:12 PM

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Just came across some Bureau of Labor Statistics for the U.S. for 2012 for occupational fatalities:


Female: 338
Male: 4045

Over 92% of deaths by injury while employed were of males in 2012.
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Yeah, and I don't see any feminists clamoring to get into the glass casket.... :BangHead: 
Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.


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I saved a copy of that file to my hard drive. One favorite feminist scare quote is "Homicide is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace", making sound as if women are being slaughtered wholesale. It is nice to have the actual figures. It isn't even the leading cause of death, and the figure includes suicides and animal trainers who get careless. If it weren't for female convenience store clerks who get killed in robberies, the figure would be even lower.
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