Deterring groin abuse by punishing attackers

Started by eskwillhelp, Jan 10, 2014, 03:01 PM

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I've noticed, both in the mass media and online, that accounts of violent assault on males' genitals usually mention no significant consequences for attackers. It does not matter whether the attacker is female or male. This can be changed.

Such attacks are clear grounds for a lawsuit in small claims court. While in court, or sooner, the victim can seek a restraining order, thereby forcing the attacker out of any social circles the two have in common.

Many of these assaults happen during school years. If it happens on campus, the victim also could demand an agreement with the school: the victim waives legal claims against the school and staff, in exchange for incident reports and other evidence which would then be used in the lawsuit against the attacker.

As part of that agreement, the school should agree to permanently expel the attacker, especially if he/she has any history of school violence; this is useful partly for revenge (expulsion would seriously affect the attacker's academic and social life) and because the victim shouldn't have to face the attacker again.

There is one risk with my suggestion: the attacker maybe could sue because the expulsion was not based strictly on school policy, but instead was coerced by the victim. The victim certainly would need to consult a lawyer for advice about how to safely do all of this.

One problem is that the two parties often are underaged. So maybe the victim's parents would have to sue the attacker's parents, because minors cannot represent themselves in small claims court? In any case, parents definitely must be motivated enough to get involved.

Another problem with the victims being underaged is that they sometimes are ashamed to report the crime. Perhaps they have a notion that getting beaten by a girl is unacceptable, or feel shame when admitting to being rendered helpless so easily. Sometimes it seems like kids observe a law of silence about violence amongst themselves, sort of like the Italian mafia.

Once word gets around about all the bad consequences that attackers deal with, people should be less inclined to attack in the future.

I also wish that writers for TV and movies would depict these kinds of consequences happening after assaults. That would plant the idea in the minds of viewers, and maybe affect their future behavior. As it is now, shows seem to only show the violence. Sadly, I don't know any Hollywood people.

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