Why not take money away from rich people who never earned it ...

Started by Galt, Jan 11, 2014, 03:39 PM

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... and that should be soon, according to my plan when I become dictator of the world..

People who work should keep their money. People who leech shouldn't. Lots of (most) rich people never earned it.

That's not how it is today, either from the left or from the right. From the left, we have affirmative action. From the right, we have legacies and a pressure for no inheritance taxes for rich bitches. Both are hell-bent on their ideologies. From the right, we also have the notion that the stripper who married John Kluge for a short term with no kids should get nearly a billion in the divorce settlement. Huh? Protip: She recently filed for bankruptcy. Yes, you read that right.

I don't want to come across as Chairman Mao, but why not a system in which people who earn money ... keep it. That means no income tax, but a high tax on assorted gold-digger wives, trust-fund babies and assorted associated neer-do-wells. And to stay in reality, a tax on consumption - all of the above could be set to equal tax receipts of today.

Never ... gonna ... happen. In my lifetime.


As an example of my understanding of unfairness:

A software engineer who works overtime to produce something for society to the tune of an extra $9000 in income will pay taxes on that, he may even be driven into a higher tax bracket.

A woman who gets a beautiful necklace from a software nerd as a gift, laughs at it, and then sells it on E-Bay for $9,000 will pay no tax on it. She laughs at the sucker.

Why is the tax code that way?


So if you can't pass your fortune on to the kids who gets it?  The government and they didn't earn it either.

Hypothetically, you could keep all your money in cash and let your kids know to come get it when you die, the government would eventually take it by the point of a gun by your proposal. 
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