Not Guilty - Battered Husband Syndrome

Started by PaulGuelph, Mar 02, 2014, 10:35 PM

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If Jurors start applying this law equally, it will eventually be struck down. Hurray!

Battered Husband Found Not Guilty of Murder
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Well, his attorney is a clever one.

Outside court, Ms Curtis' daughter Jaimi-Leigh said justice had not been served.


''It wasn't family violence. (It was) a normal relationship.
''Everyone fights, everyone has arguments, it's not normal if you don't.''

Bzzzt, that's not the PC narrative.
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Wojciech Hubert Zurek: Decoherence, einselection, and the quantum origins of the classical

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Ah yes Jaimi-Leigh, what goes around comes around.  Welcome to the bizarre and hateful world of feminist thought.
Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.

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