When Wives Get Sick, Risk of Divorce Rises, Study Says

Started by mens_issues, May 01, 2014, 11:05 AM

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Article here:


Some misandristic woman named Kathy J. Bell left a very bigoted comment underneath the article, if anyone cares to respond. It's a masterpiece of ignorance and anti-male hostility.

Kathy J. Bell Top Commenter Engineer/Owner at Bell Environment Engineering of Texas

The research got the facts correct but then made assesments on non factual data.

Women initiate divorce 65% of all divorces. When a woman is ill and she is married to a typical ego centered male, she no longer has the energy to waste on an adult child.

This author instead of looking at the reality of the findings, imposed the view that relationships are strictly based on sex and women need men.

The findings should have addressed

1) Men's inability to care for anyone but themselves
2) the uselessness of a human that is self involved
3) Women seeing the uselessness of having a Man around when she is ill.

Instead the researcher talked about how others take care of her and how much it costs even after stating the FACT that it is women who initiate the divorces not MEN. AND divorced and widowed women do not seek out another male relationship (they don't seek out marriage) because they found marriage to be oppressive.


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Men can actually be quite protective of women, although I can easily understand why Kathy J. Bell has never experienced that. A shooting at a movie theater last year proved that there are men who are even willing to take a bullet for a woman. If I were with Ms. Bell in a situation like that I would be more inclined to use her as a human shield.  :greener:
Affirmative Action: The federal government takes your job away from you and gives it to a woman. Then she sneers at you because you are unemployed.


Gosh, give her a break.
She's just trying to engineer the environment, around someone else's actual "data" heavy lifting.


I left this:

Kathy J. Bell Of course it "hits close to home" : you're a bigot. Replace men with blacks, or Muslims, or [anyone else] and your bigotry is clear as day. Only in our PC world where attacking men has been normalized could you state and believe what you wrote.

You write some smirky bigoted comment, and lol at your own "cleverness" - instead of taking a breath and taking stock that you are so bitter and lost in a world of your making (in your own head) as to not say "hold on, if I were to refer to any other group like this I would be, rightfully so, excoriated"

Men AND women do bad things - it does not however give you the authority to make sweeping generalizations as some kind of expert, when in reality you're spewing open bigotry.

Just because some bigotry is currently in political and social fashion, does not make it ethical, right, or just.

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This is a story I've seen crop up a couple of times.

These are called medicare divorces and they're fairly well known.  The couple divorces so the wife can get medicare and and they can save the house and assets. 
"To such females, womanhood is more sacrosanct by a thousand times than the Virgin Mary to popes--and motherhood, that degree raised to astronomic power. They have eaten the legend about themselves and believe it; they live it; they require fealty of us all." -- Philip Wylie, Generation of Vipers

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