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Started by mens_issues, Aug 03, 2014, 02:48 PM

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In Yahoo Answers, I found the topic "Why do men mature later than women?"  Some of the answers were decent but the last one was so absurd and misandric that I laughed for a few minutes:


Gold Digger  answered 6 years ago 

i think 2 yrs is being generus... most guys i see never mature.... y r grown men so into things like video games an football an cars???

there was a woman in the marrage & devorce secton saying her husbends turning 38 an wants a star trek party for his bday.... with evry 1 dressed in costumes from the tv show... can u beleve it??? men stay children there hole lifes... they never grow up...

So this woman says "men stay children there hole lifes..."  And she writes like a 3rd. grader.  No, actually I've seen kids that young write better.  :laughing6:
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It's not just her writing style - but the same comparison could be made to women and their niche market ideas - a vampire party (True Blood or Twilight) and all that.

It's like "my wants and quirks are unique and make me special - you, well, you're just a child, because what escapism you engage in I find no value in"

In reality it's an incredibly self-absorbed double standard / hypocrisy that speaks to a complete lack of ability to see others, based on gender or whatever, as their wants or interests as having no validation without her consent.

Just wow.

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Once upon a time there were these Princesses.
They were used to demanding, and receiving "special attention", and "special considerations" WELL past their "freshness" date.
Some of these princesses even began to demand tampons, contraception, "educational" guidelines, "evidence" based solely on their "whim",and "womens" health attention at "someone" else's expense.....

I've found occasional glance at  "Dear Abby" (usually on the comics page) to be a prolific indicator of woman's "maturity".     


but its there husbends who r sposed to support there marrage or they should get devorce if there husbends not generus
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Captain Courageous

She is spouting a feminist trope - Mammy Yokum-style , that's all.   :icon_cherry: :icon_rendeer: :jerk:
She's scheduled to appear on that West Virginia show (Mountain Monsters Uncaged). The boys is gonna trap her, then shoot her.

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