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Started by neoteny, Oct 25, 2014, 08:05 AM

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So there's this story on a Hungarian news site. The (sub)site is a bit on the tabloid side, but the story is believable:

A 56 years old man denounced his 44 years old wife to the police that he was kept for years as "a sex slave". Apparently the wife had a lover, too, but would demand loudly and insistently that her husband provide her with sexual satisfaction as well. The wife denies all of this, but the couple's children and the neighbors made statements supporting the husband's account.

In 2011, the wife's sister moved into the apartment with her 29 years old female lover. Once the three women were partying, and the husband asked them to tone it down: the 29 years old stabbed him in the back.

When the husband was asked why is it only now that he's made a report to the police, he said that he was waiting for their smaller daughter to become 12 years old: he was aware that under that age, the child is very likely to be placed with the mother in case of divorce, while over that age the court takes into consideration the child's wishes regarding which parent would she prefer to live with.

Apparently the wife threatened him with stabbing him in his sleep if he wouldn't satisfy her sexually, and threatened to burn down the place if he filed for divorce.

(The case is being handled by the capital city's police's Child and Youth Protection Division.)
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