It started by him hitting back ...

Started by neoteny, Jan 30, 2015, 09:18 PM

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IMPD officer arrested on domestic battery charge enters 'not guilty' plea

Burger's wife told the officer they'd been arguing all day. The arguing escalated when Burger allegedly began videotaping his wife during an argument. She threw a plastic Vaseline jar at him, hitting him in the stomach from about ten feet away. After that, Burger's wife told police that Burger physically attacked her, dropping his cell phone, charging at her and punching her in the face. She said the blow knocked her to the floor, after which Burger allegedly pinned her arms down with his knees. She says she fought back, but then says Burger pushed and pressed her face into the rug as she tried to get him off of her.
There's not much love in me towards the police, but this is pretty typical: she assaulted him first. His mistake was responding in kind -- he should have arrested her for domestic battery. Of course his cop buddies would have laughed at him -- but they weren't laughing when arrested him.
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Mr. Dub

I have a brother who experienced a very similar thing about a week ago. You have to love double standards, right?

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