'Mansplaining' the return of political correctness

Started by outdoors, Mar 18, 2015, 05:54 PM

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I've never seen the Vagina Monologues. Perhaps I'm incurious, but I just never had any interest in sitting through segments with titles like The little coochie snorcher that could.

But its popularity was encouraging; social conservative groups tried to ban the play for years, and I'm all for anything that any group wants to ban.

Censorship, though, has triumphed. The students of Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts this year decided to cancel a performance of the play.

Oh, not because it glorifies female lust or masturbation or lesbianism. The young progressives at Holyoke decreed that it discriminates against women who don't have vaginas.


Lest we forget, the author "censored" the original "script".
It's now  ILLEGAL to stage a production of it's original "insights".

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