Raspberry Pi foundation excluding boys

Started by TripeSupper, Jun 03, 2015, 04:22 AM

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Here's a competition which would surely have real appeal to boys from 8-18, and perhaps more, but because it might appeal a bit too much, they've decided to ban them.

"...we're pleased to team up with Marvel to offer high school girls within the United States a chance to compete for a trip to Hollywood, California to go to the premiere of Ant-Man and attend a special workshop from Walt Disney Imagineers at the DisneylandŽ Resort"


It's sad they think banning boys from STEM-related activities is going to encourage girls. It's more likely to create a divide, and ensure that boys do their own thing on their own and exacerbate the (perceived) problem. I always feel that the values of middle aged feminists are being projected onto boys and the boys are being blamed for the career choices of women who entered the workplace before the boys were born.

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Wow. More short sighted discrimination.  Its easy to get on the bandwagon of helping girls due to our gynocentric default.  Hey, how about we help white boys get into the NBA?  Or maybe short boys? They are grossly under-represented, that must be discrimination.  It is mind blowing how stupid these people are when it comes to the reality of biology.  Girls don't like STEM because their biology pushes them in another directiom and their brains are built to excel in different areas.  Simple right? :BangHead:
Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.


A great comment from the same webpage:

"I think the issue here is that eventually the girls are going to have to be in the workplace with boys. Separating them doesn't fix the problem. If you shelter them, the problems just get worse later. The boys haven't been taught to accept the girls as peers. You have merely enforced the idea that they can't perform on an equal footing. Teaching the boys and girls to work together and appreciate the difference in how they approach problems is the key... That and getting girls to stop bullying each other into not liking math and science. There are other underrepresented groups this could also be said about too."


Initially I was a big supporter of the Raspeberry Pi project - it offered schoolkids a very affordable computing device that was NOT reliant on Microsoft and it's proprietary software. However my alarm bells went off after 2 things - 1. Raspeberry Pi team announced that it's latest board would support Microsoft Windows 10 and that a version targeted to the new device was being developed by Microsoft. 2. It came out AGAINST #GamerGate ! Raspeberry Pi and it's supporters are dead to me as it is clear they are firmly onside with the SJW Culture "warriors" that are extremely toxic to science and anything else it touches (eg Tim Hunt, "ShirtStorm", Greg A Elliot being persecuted for disagreeing with feminists etc. ) .

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