Election Fraud

Started by Galt, Nov 12, 2020, 03:27 PM

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If these radical feminists anti-God forces win ?!!
It's all over !!!!


Breaking: Justice Alito Orders Response in PA Case
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Dec 7th



The CCP media is pushing these fake polls alot even Newsmax news today (12/21/20) @ 9:15pm,est...

"...Sixty-two percent (62%) of Republicans say it's Very Likely the Democrats stole the election, a view shared by 17% of Democrats and 28% of voters not affiliated with either major party..."

Newsmax is 60% today!
This all lies and deceptions it's like 100% for GOP
Over 20% Dems
Over 50% IND...

You see what these FU*&ERS are doing !

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