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Started by dr e, Mar 08, 2004, 07:25 AM

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I think, if the rude members are banned, the activity will decrease almost to zero.


Dr. Evil, I think you shouldn't be so trigger happy. If posters are posting hateful messages you should let the other posters have a chance to debate with them first. If it gets out of hand and the posters in question seem to just be trolling then you should ban them.

Quote from: "Devia"
As for the woman left here, well.. Your sister board has a couple of token ass-lickers/groveling for attention types as well. It doesn't mean a lot, from history I can say that the minute someone attacks them they'll be crying foul louder then anyone."

Hm. I have about 100 times more respect for Nebulousone and Tricycle then you, Devia, even if they don't hang on my every word. They actually form cogent posts. Nice try at the group think ploy by the way. If the board rejects all women then you have an excuse right? Amber has taught you well.


I also like Nebulousone and Tricycle.  They both seem like down-to-earth people who would be cool to talk to and who don't really play games.


Hey, I admit it...I'm rude.  However, I have to seriously rein myself in to converse in a mannerly that crudely approaches the term "civil."  I manage somehow to do it.
A man conscious of his strength, observes Nietzsche, need have no fear of women. It is only the man who finds himself utterly helpless in the face of feminine cajolery that must cry, "Get thee behind me, Satan!" and flee. The normal, healthy man...still keeps a level head. He is strong enough to weather the sexual storm. But the man who cannot do this, who experiences no normal reaction in the direction of guardedness and caution and reason, must either abandon himself utterly as a helpless slave to woman's instinct of race-preservation, and so become a bestial voluptuary, or avoid temptation altogether and so become a celibate." -- H.L. Mencken on Nietzsche's philosophy of women


There is no true "freedom of speech" in that anyone is free to say anything, anytime, anywhere.  It's a myth, so let it go.  What exists here on the board is pretty much like anywhere else.  There's always limits to what can and can't be said.
A fiend in need is a fiend indeed" - Boris Badenov.


I have another solution. So that SYG doesnt end up as hatefulness as MS, then consider the voluntary diversion of all personal and flamewar material to Whatchya think Doc?
What good fortune for government that people do not think."
                         Adolph Hitler

"Where madness rules the absurd is not far away."

We must not make the mistake of thinking that all those who eat the bread of dictatorship are evil from the first; but they must necessarily become evil....The curse of a system of terror is that there is no turning back; neither in the large realm of policies nor the 'smaller' realm of everyday human relationships is it possible for men to retrace their steps."
- Dr. Hans Bernd Gisevius


Because I feel responsible for this, I'd like to add some comments.

Yes I was offended - but like I said, I'll get over it, and I have.

I chose not to express that here, rather I did it in a private email to kal. If I hadn't replied to the thread he started then this may have died down a lot sooner.

The reason I emailed kal, rather than addressing the poster directly, was because I don't want to silence anyone.

I don't think that people should be banned for expressing themselves, a lot of people take advantage of the anonimity of the internet to be able to be open about things that they can't elsewhere.

If someone is just being hateful to see what sort of response they can get, then - as someone said - banning them just enables them to cry foul and become a 'martyr'.
But if someone is using the boards to vent their hatred, and others become involved in discussions with them, it could be positive in that they might be able to talk about something that they can't discuss with anyone else.

Dr Evil, these are your boards and you set the guidelines - we can either decide to abide by them and continue posting, or disagree and either debate with you or leave.

I hope the next week goes well for you.
trange little girl ....


I have to say to be very careful here. I will give an example of what I mean and I hope it is a decent one.
What If someone said that they crossed the street to avoid a black man.
Now what if I got very upset and started crying racism and such. This would be ignoring the truth that stats point out the probable truth in this prudent behavior.  


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Gentleman is a man who consciously serves women. I prefer the golden rule.

Behind every great man, is a

Women who say men won't commit, usually aren't worth committing to.


This doesnt mean that I believe the posts were or were not offensive. I dont want to make that decision. What I do believe though, is that if some truths are unpleasant, that does not mean they should not be voiced.  Otherwise you are only getting part of the problem.
Yes I am referring to the infamous slippery Slope.....
Gentleman is a man who consciously serves women. I prefer the golden rule.

Behind every great man, is a

Women who say men won't commit, usually aren't worth committing to.


This is a tough call Doc.

Doc has a right to moderate his own board.  And it's a thankless job folks.  See, I'm for free speech and not a big fan of banning, but, this is his board.

He can be held responsible for it's content.  He probably has a few ideas or vision of what he wanted when he started and how it could be a force for good.  

That being said, I also think that honing our debating skills, dealing with trolls (in real life : hecklers), and exchanging ideas is a good thing.  I may not always agree with what a poster says, and I can be a very passionate person, but I TRY to listen and learn their point of view.  On a few issues I have changed my views or at least had them take another dirction.  Also, I have LEARNED a TON here informationally.  

Doc, I think if you feel the need to ban people you do it in a systematic and gradual way.  Like this:
1) PM warning
2) 2nd warning
3) disable posting for 1 month
4) if they violate during that month, 3 months
5) if they violate during "posting prohibition" during their second "prohibition" permanent ban

This way you can give people time to stop and realize that their posting here is in jepordy.  Also, some people have really bad days, and we don't want to just ban someone for a bad week they are going through.

I apprciate you asking the community for their thoughts.

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Isaiah 6:8
"Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"


Quote from: "Stallywood"
What I do believe though, is that if some truths are unpleasant, that does not mean they should not be voiced.  

I totally agree with you Stally.

Trying to silence someone from expressing what they truly believe because it may offend someone is a terrible thing to do.

Quote from: "LSBeene"
Also, some people have really bad days, and we don't want to just ban someone for a bad week they are going through.

Another really good point. If someone is having a bad day, week, month, shouldn't we try to support them?
trange little girl ....


Here is my advice, if you want it.

First of all,

To be quite frank with you, I left this board with for the very specific reason that I knew when I left, it would turn to shit.  I wanted it to.  I knew I could take on the new parade of men's rights activists that were infiltrating the board if I wanted.  I've taken on an entire campus full of foaming-at-the-mouth feminists before.   But I didn't want to.  I wanted it to dwindle. Mostly, because no one ever believes me when I start telling them that men's rights activists are misogynists, and victim-minded, and socialist.  So, I knew when I left, the place would dwindle into just that, and instead of having to prove my point to other people, I could just send a link!!

And guess what.  I can.  

If other members aren't willing to take a stand against (any given ugly behavior), like I used to, you are already doomed.  That's the only way that something like this could get cleaned up.  And that doesn't happen here.  In fact, instead of standing up to (any given ugly behavior), it seems the more (ugly behavior types) actually bring out MORE ugly behavior in other members, who might be rational when around other rational influences.  

And I predicted as such.  People tell me there are "mild" men's rights types or that the bitter woman-haters are only a "radical fringe."  Well, even in the "mild" ones I still detect bitterness and woman-hating - and I always have. All it takes is to be around more "radical" types and the "mild" types get bulldozed like pancakes.  They get sucked into more and more misery, becoming worse themselves - since they lack moral righteousness, and were already "leaning" that way anyway, even if they look even-tempered.  Really, your only hope for cleaning up the boards, from what I can see, is Dan.  He is the only one morally righteous enough to stay on a right path and not a wrong one.  I highly doubt Dan cares though - I know I sure don't.  

I predicted from the beginning that these forums would turn into this.  When I saw the main page as saying it was going to stand up for "men" and "men's rights," I saw it right away.  People who speak about "rights" that aren't *individual* rights are always victim-minded, just like feminists are as they advocate for "women's rights."  At first, it was just SheThinks refugees, and what was good about SheThinks and the IWF spilled over onto this forum.  But it just ... dwindled.  Like I expected it to.  And like it always will - when you try to stand on such faulty principles as "men's" rights", and don't take a stand for common sense or reason or individual rights or gender healing or anything else positive.

My advice is to tear the place down, especially if it continues down the path its been on ... with rational people leaving all the time, and the rest of them getting sucked into the hatred.  This place is a liability not an asset.  And so as long as it's like this, I will use it to prove my point about men's rights activists.
he men's movement is a hate movement.  

What feminism is to men; the men's rights movement is to women.

Men's rights activists blame misandry for all their problems in the same way that feminists blame the patriarchy.

The only thing men's rights activists are good at is abusing women.  

And you can quote me on that.  :D

Sir Duke

Everyone refuses to agree with me, so, I am going to call this place worthless and call for it's demise as I use it to prove I cannot counterpoint properly in a debate; JUST - LIKE - A - FEMINIST. That is what I got out of your post. Way to go Amber.


Amber, I think you're trying to stir up some trouble here.

Don't you miss your friends from back at SheThinks?  Be a little nicer and talk to us.

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