The main difference between the men's and women's movement.

Started by D, Mar 21, 2004, 03:13 PM

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We can all get on the high horse of perceptional wrongisims, some of us have tribes to which we percieve a "crime" has been committed. I can understand that, i hail from an Irish clan who had much land taken away by the "colonisation" of the english, pre oliver cromwell.

Nevertheless i have come to an important realisation, that no matter how much i percieve my loss and or grief it pails into extreme insignificance as to many others lots in life.

Im not religious but i happily humble myself some times before others even strangers, this "infuses" me with positivity and purpose and does not demean me at all.

To become engulfed wga with the past and other nonsensical perspectives is merely "self hurt" which you perpetuate on yourself.

You may have some "valid" grievances regarding some men you have encountered, but especially for your sake dont impose that mindset on all men.

I have had some bad experiences by women but also men, blacks,fat and skinny people maybe thats being to simplistic. I think i have read most of your posts (maybe thats the voyeurisim in me).

A lot of your posts are on the offensive, yet the next post can be supportive of a male orientated post and its subject. A lot of criticisim which is directed is that you either "interject" with a theme which is not current with the current thread or seemingly seek to disrupt, sabotage,infiltrate or indulge egomania/trollisim.

I think you have "arrived" at a understanding long ago that this forum is not "anti-female" otherwise the learned female members here would not be members here, or continue posting. I myself and others appreciate and look forward to their inputs.

However, how can i put it they like many of us men here have put aside our personal baggage and have "engaged" in a process which will better the masses (self sacrifice). As opposed to serving a personal (feminist) jihad, its insidious and costly and will eventually  engulf and consume  you with eternal hate or kill you.
romoting mens rights(or rather complete lack of them)in a world where hatred of men infests every corner of media,where depictions of hate and violence by women is called girl power, and where many ads use violence by women on men to sell products.These messages of this acceptable behaviour goes a long way to explain womens domestic violence and murder of men and children (predominantly male children).


Quote from: "What goes around"
Of course, as soon as the women develop a back bone,a foot hold in society and a voice of their own (after 1000s of years of being compared to 'non-human') insecure men have to come out crying foul and wah wah wah about facist feminists. And of course, out comes the ol' "boys only club" where men go to beat their chests,grunt like the pigs and justify their sorry lives.

Why don't you all just accept your fate, you as a gender created feminists. Your gender beat women down for thousands of years. Women are rising. You want equality? Accept that the pendulum swings both ways and right now the ball is in your direction. True equality means both sides have to feel the injustice inflicted upon the other. Right now it seems to be your turn.

"Do or don't do. There is no try"

Ah, but you're overlooking a very important point.  (Even if everything you said were true.)  :

For women to do the same things that they accuse us (i.e. men) of doing "for thousands of years" (to quote you), is the ultimate in hypocrisy.  In fact, it completely destroys the myth that women are somehow morally superior to men.

If women (or is that "womyn"?) were indeed morally superior, they wouldn't stoop to the same level that they accuse men of.

What it amounts to is Get-Even-With-'Em-Ism.

Waaaaaaaaah!  You hurt me!  Now I'm gonna hurt you!  

Which ultimately is a good sign of some women's insecurity.  (Notice that I said "some" women.  Not all women are misandrist assholes.  There are some damn good women out there.  Fortunately the "I'm gonna get back at you for thousands of years of oppression" type feminists can't be included in that number.)
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