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Started by Anniee36, Jun 12, 2003, 01:58 PM

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How Predictable Are They?

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OK, I knew from post 1 of this thread that it was going to turn into a MANY page (5 but climbing rapidly - should reach 10) ragfest because of what she said in post #1.   It was inevitable.   Read the first post and tell me if you wouldn't know the same:;f=3;t=001344;p=1

Easy one, I know.   I could have told you from day one that Radical Angel and Soulhuntre would be utterly hated by the MSeries; and in fact I did, on shethinks.

Give me some where you saw the writing on the wall clear as day.   :)
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Well, I didn't see the writing on the wall clear as day at the time, but if I saw something similar today, I'd catch it in a heartbeat. Here's the first thread where I posted:;f=14;t=002095
The thread was about Lorena Bobbitt.  Here was my first post to that thread:
Part of me wants to say to Ms. Bobbitt (if she hasn't changed her last name by now) "More power to you!" However, the other part of me thinks it would have been better for her to just have left the marriage, period, no violence except in self-defense. After all, aggressive violence is a patriarchal value, and I think it's good if we can show people that we're better than that.
Of course, they came down on me immediately.  I actually thought my post would be quite welcome because, in my experience, feminists have typically opposed violence (such as the war in Iraq).  Evidently, some of the more hypocritical people at Ms decided to jump down my throat for expressing a perfectly valid opinion.  I mean, yeah, Mr. Bobbitt's actions were very horrible, and he deserved to be punished by the law.  However, I think that cutting off his penis was going too far.  One of the MSers even suggested that it was an act of self-defense.  Whether you agree with Lorena Bobbitt's actions or not, cutting off someone's penis while he is asleep is NOT self-defense, no matter how you slice it (pun intended).  Self-defense, in my opinion, implies that there is an IMMEDIATE danger.  Her act was one of retribution.  Whether they agree with her actions or not, the action should be called what it is.  The sheer intolerance for dissenting opinions is sickening.

Luckily for me, I was able to stand my ground and maintain my principles in the face of their verbal abuse.  Oh, and then they get on my case for talking smack about them here.  Well, they'd better realize, if they treat me like shit, I'm gonna have to vent eventually.
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"One of the MSers even suggested that it was an act of self-defense."

You're too generous.   I think it was much more than a suggestion :)   Seriously though, I knew from about two posts in what you were in for and why.   And as I've said a few times, it kind of scares me that I knew that  :shock:  :shock:    I was sitting at shethinks going "Oh, RA; NO you can't say THAT" and I wanted to tell you so many things hehe.   But alas you found them all out I suppose.   Maybe someday we could discuss why they reacted the way they did in a couple places because believe it or not I think I could explain it to you.    They don't care to, really.

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