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Started by mens_issues, May 17, 2004, 07:51 PM

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My name is Steve Van Valkenburg, and I'm the founder of Men's Issues Online (Yahoo).  

How did it start?

Well, I came to the Men's Movement at about the same time as a lot of others (perhaps there was a tipping point around 2001 or so).  I had become increasingly annoyed at what appeared to be an accumulation of insults against the male gender in the media and general society.  I found the "Men's Movement" groups in Yahoo about that time, and decided to start my own.  First, there was Equitarians (goofy name, now defunct).  Then the viscerally named "Stop Anti-Male Bias" which was superseded by Men's Issues Online (a name that I chose carefully, though rather generic sounding).  

Well, I must have hit a nerve with a lot of other men (and even some women), because the group has grown rapidly in the past few years to over 700 today.  It has been an editors pick twice (most recently last week).  

Anyway, it is just one of many good men's movement groups that have appeared online in the last few years.  Most recently I have come across Stand Your Ground, which I find to be quite interesting and informative.

Each of us in our own way can define and advance men's issues.


Steve Van Valkenburg
Founder of Men's Issues Online - a voice for men's advocacy

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Men's Issues Online - a voice for men's advocacy

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hello and welcome :)
trange little girl ....

Sir Jessy of Anti

Hi Steve!  Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the forum.  It's always good to meet another person who is interested in ending the rampant misandry.
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dr e

Hey Steve!  Welcome and glad to hear you will be making it to the Men's Rights Congress.  Good to have you hear.
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:)      Welcome!
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