Ludicrous, All Right

Started by Anniee36, Jun 17, 2003, 10:11 AM

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What Should They Do About Stupid Accusations?

The mod should match IPs and let fireworks fly!
2 (50%)
They should fucking stop making them, the paranoid asses
1 (25%)
They should get a life and maybe a job
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Stop pretending they don't follow us and give us a kiss you fool!
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Cog, you may appreciate Lynne's immediate packpedalling on this one; I sure got a laugh out of it!

First Angelic Voice of Fate (who has been there a long time - years - and made some pretty cool posts from what I can see) comments on Allie's stupid complaint (and boy is it stupid.)  Then they start arguing a bit and Lynne and kaye decide that it's "the terrier" which was the epithet they had chosen for me (you likely remember Lynne, kaye, elaine and BUTTERFLY calling me the terrier about two dozen times a day each, not acknowledging I was human at all - it's how the Mojo board pets - me being the pet - thing came about).

OK so Lynne asks "Is this the terrier" and kaye (ever the fucking moron who has never apologized for the MYRIAD things she was wrong about with me; this is just another one of hundreds) says "yep".

Back comes AVOF to challenge them (and I love this) directly that the moderator should be contacted and if it was found to be me, she would write a full page apology and leave the boards.   But that if it was NOT me, Lynne and kaye would have to do the same.   IOW put your money where your mouth is because AVOF is obviously not me.   (I'd take the credit; I was "bornawoman" - for one day - so they obviously have my IP and can easily see it's not me.)

Anyway, kaye shut RIGHT the fuck up (because she's always talking out of her ass and where it concerned me she was ALWAYS wrong - some of it wasn't proven til much later but she KNOWS it was always proven) but Lynne simply replied "NO DEAL" LMAO.

THEN he says "I don't follow shethinks and you're the content" (he is really incoherent when he's flustered, I don't know if you've noticed?) so which is it?  Does he follow it or not?

Well I've given it most away but it was still hilarious to see the backpedalling and AVOF's answers are priceless, so DO check them out!   I loved the last one - telling him he NEEDS AVOF to be Anniee and was looking forward to watching him squirm but will settle for the cowardice LOL.   Then Allie comes on and says it doesn't matter anyway - of course it doesn't matter when they're wrong in their stupid accusations LMAO;f=14;t=002232;p=1

on't walk ahead of me, I may not follow.   Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.   Don't walk beside me either.  Stay the hell away from me!

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