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Started by Bender, Jun 12, 2004, 06:57 AM

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Has anyone read this:

Virginia's only woman

Lewis maintains she hired the hitmen to escape an abusive relationship.
color=red] You have no Constitutional right not to be offended and I'm here to make sure this non-existent Constitutional right is honored.

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Well, I think she's right.  It is wrong that the she's going to get the chair while the triggermen only get life.

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No woman would ever do something like this without reason, this could not possibly be her fault. He probably beat her and emotionally abused her, leaving her with no other choice than to have him and his step-son killed. People just need to realize that women are the nurturing gender, they don't do things like this unless a man makes them.



dr e

Teresa Lewis said she's confident she can avoid execution, and smiled and laughed through much of a recent hourlong interview with The Associated Press.

Ah yes, she knows she is protected by the "vaginal ceiling" that keeps her from getting the death penalty.  What arrogance!

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