Paternity Fraud

Started by dr e, Jul 03, 2004, 07:31 PM

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dr e

"Many states have looked the other way when it comes to adopting legislation against paternity fraud. The epidemic has now reached startling proportions (28-30% of tested males, Annual Parentage Study, American Association of Blood Banks, 1998-2002)."  Carnell Smith

What is Paternity Fraud?

By Carnell Smith

Paternity fraud is when the mother of a child lies about which man is the biological father of her child (intentionally and unintentionally).

Typically, without advising him, government officials, or the courts that someone else could also be the father. It comes in two flavors, marital and non-marital paternity fraud. There is no law requiring full and truthful disclosure of all material facts to the alleged father.

Other Fraud

Courts have forced mothers to name the soon to be ex-husband as the father when he is not the father. Including husbands that were estranged at the time of conception.

Where is Paternity Fraud being practiced?

Everywhere, Paternity fraud is not discriminatory. It is practiced by rich and poor, educated and uneducated, married and single women across various age groups in most, if not all states.

What are some courts saying about Paternity Fraud ?

In my home state of Georgia, The Appellate Court and was upheld by the Georgia Supreme Court, said "Once non-paternity is scientifically established, courts cannot ignore such fact by relying on policies developed when no such proof was possible. To create a fiction in this matter does not make the male the biological father of the child; it simply makes him the victim of the law".

How can Paternity Fraud be exposed and stopped ?

Increased public awareness about causes/effects of paternity fraud

Legal remedy and consequences for perjury, misrepresentation and fraud.
DNA testing to get truthful information on all birth certificates for both parents.

Let's put an end to the attractive game of deception for dollars. If we don't then we cannot be surprised when our sons distrust women, fear marriage and hate the government. When the genes don't fit ... you must acquit!

All children and men deserve to know the truth.


See Carnell Smith, Board President Executive Director of National Family Justice Association (NFJA)

Carnell A. Smith, non-marital paternity fraud victim, founder and executive director of the United States Citizens Against Paternity FRAUD, was the driving force behind the landmark Georgia paternity fraud legislation that became law on May 9, 2002.

Smith is a nationally recognized expert on paternity fraud. He has testified in favor of paternity fraud legislation from Florida to California, has made numerous radio and television appearances (CBS Early Show, ABC World News, Abrams Report), on America's paternity fraud crisis and has been frequently quoted in major newspapers (USA Today, Washington Times, Orlando Sentinel, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Star Tribune).

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