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Started by Sir Jessy of Anti, Apr 27, 2004, 03:12 PM

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Sir Jessy of Anti


I need any research that has been done that describes the results of fathers
having custody of their young children.  The results I'm concerned with are
the psychological, emotional, and educational performace of the children who
are raised by fathers.  The purpose of this is to prove in a custody case
that there is data to support that children are well taken care of by


Thanks for an interesting question.

There's volumes of research on this topic, so I've focused on articles that
offer an overview of the studies.

A wealth of statistics about increased likelihoods of deviant behavior for
children in fatherless homes:

"Children whose fathers are involved in raising them do better in school,
are less likely to get into trouble with the law, and are more likely to be
better parents themselves" from "Fathers Matter" by Jayne Keedle:

The SPARC articles archive in general is potentially useful:

"18 percent of the families headed by a single father live in poverty,
although that is still far below the rate for families headed by single
mothers, about 43 percent" from a NYTimes article "changing the
Single-Parent Mix:"

Anne Mitchell, director of Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange testimony
to the California Focus on Fathers Summit:

There are also other articles from Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange you
may find of interest:

A report to the US Commission on Child & Family Welfare is available here:

Of particular interest are the following:

"A wealth of research studies have now been conducted to strengthen the
conclusion that divorce, single parenting, and father absence are strongly
related to adverse child and adolescent outcomes."

"The consequences of father absence for children are typically
detrimental... Whether from too little time with even one parent, too little
income, or both, children too often suffer."

"85% of prisoners, 78% of high school dropouts, 82% of teenage girls who
become pregnant, the majority of drug and alcohol abusers -- all come from
single-mother-headed households. Less than 1% of any of these categories
come from single-father-headed households."

"Children in single-father care are more likely to enjoy positive
relationships with both their mothers and their fathers than are children
with single mothers" from "The Role of the Father After Divorce:"

"Fatherless children are more likely to drop out of school, have poorer
attendance records, score lower grades, and abuse alcohol or drugs compared
with children whose fathers are in their homes" from The Future Of
Children's Fast Facts:

"Fathers' involvement in their children's schools has a distinct and
independent influence on many of these outcomes, even after controlling for
potentially confounding factors such as the parents' education, household
income, and, in two-parent families, the mothers' involvement" from the
executive summary of National Center for Education Statistics' Statistical
Analysis Report: Fathers' Involvement in Their Children's Schools:

"A Yale study found that infants living only with their fathers were two to
six months ahead of other infants in personal and social skills, and that
older babies in father-care exhibited similar advantages. Another survey
found that boys in father-custody homes have higher self-esteem, are more
mature, more independent, and less demanding than boys in mother-custody
homes. A recent Danish study comparing toddlers in single mom and single dad
homes found that the father care children had fewer temper tantrums, were
less-sensitive to criticism, less fearful, less likely to feel lonely, and
more likely to have high self-esteem."

"A meta-analysis of 171 studies comparing mothers' and fathers' parenting
found few significant differences" from "The Many Meanings of Family and the
Role of Fathers:"

Additionally, some resources are available for a cost.

A $6 journal article is available that includes a comparison of children's
longer-term adjustment in father-custody and mother-custody homes as item
CR03, along with other articles you may find interesting:

Outlining the "positive effects of paternal involvement on both sons' and
daughters' educational and occupational mobility" is the following book:
"How fathers care for the next generation: A four-decade study" Snarey, J.
R. (1993). Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. A synopsis is available,
for which free registration is required:
This book can be purchased at for $45:

Some who may be willing to help in your research:

The Fathers Custody Center includes an email hotline for advice
[email protected] :

A Yahoo Group for "those interested in preserving the rights of dads in
family court:"

Psychologists who defend fathers and sell an information kit:
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