abduction and the love of a father

Started by Gabriel, Jul 07, 2004, 03:46 PM

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For four months, Jackie Ives spent her spare time driving around Loveland looking for her three children after her estranged husband failed to return them after a visit.

On Tuesday, the search ended nearly 100 miles from home. After a tip from some alert workmen, authorities found Ives' son and two daughters living in a trailer on a remote ranch in Wyoming.

Don Ives, 39, was arrested after a short standoff with sheriff's deputies and is expected back in Colorado to face charges soon, said Det. Chuck Sutterfield of the Loveland police department.

This is more bs and the propoganda about deadbeats is everywhere, but this guy is willing to risk jail to be with his kids. It is bs that he will face "charges" but when a mother denies a father the right to see his kids, the courts do squat.


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