Man wins lottery after divorce from cheating wife finalized

Started by PowerMan72, Jul 27, 2004, 09:42 AM

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Until last Saturday, 2004 had been the worst year of Randy Fletcher's life.

On a cold mid-January day, the 29 year old Brownstown resident took a half-day off of work due to a severe case of diarrhea, only to find his wife of four years, Tara, in bed with a neighbor.

Two months later, he wrecked his mint-condition 1956 Chevy that he had spent three years carefully restoring when a deer ran out in front of him.

May brought even more heartache; Fletcher's 12 year-old German Shepherd Molly was diagnosed with cancer and had to be put to sleep.

Fletcher, who works as a union electrician, felt that his life was cursed after losing his house and most of his life savings in the divorce proceedings that were finalized on July 15.

That is until July 17, when his life changed forever. Fletcher purchased five dollars worth of Hoosier Lottery computer picks for that night's drawing, like he had done every Wednesday and Saturday for the past several years.

When he checked his ticket numbers against those in the Sunday Indianapolis Star, he had to do a double take--the third row of numbers on his ticket matched those in the newspaper: 5-15-27-37-39-46!

Randy Fletcher had just won the $1 million jackpot.

"I was in complete shock for several hours," said Fletcher, "It took me several minutes to catch my breath. It was the most unbelievable and amazing feeling I have ever had, especially after all that had happened this year."

Fletcher says he plans to use the approximately $289,000 he will be taking home after accepting the cash option and paying federal, state, and local taxes to get back on his feet. "I am going to buy a new house, probably get Harley, and a new puppy, probably another (German) Shepherd. Get a whole new fresh start on life. I also want to head to Cancun for a few days this winter."

The life of Randy Fletcher is a prime example of how every cloud has a silver lining. When asked what advice he has for anyone else whose life is in shambles, Fletcher advises, "Just keep plugging away. Sooner or later things will look up. I am a prime example of that."

View: Indiana Lottery
Source: Lottery Post Staff
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Wanna bet she now applies for "maintainence" and gets it?

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Remember that Canadian guy who won the lottery?

Something like 30 million or something (15 to 20 million american).  Well last I heard the guy booked a flight the hell out of Canada.  I guess he didn't want to pay any ex's off either.  Not that any of them deserve any cash since they were either divorced or seperated.  Just kind of funny.   :D

It may come up in a few years.  Who knows.


Can't stand it when SHE cheats and STILL ends up with all the goodies.

If I was him, I'd take some of the $$$ and put up billboards in her neighborhood telling the world about what she did to him.


I tried to keep up with the Canadian guy.  Last I heard he set up pre-paid college funds for his two kids.  Then he got the hell out of Canada and nobody knows where he is.
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Quote from: "scarbo"
Can't stand it when SHE cheats and STILL ends up with all the goodies.

If I was him, I'd take some of the $$$ and put up billboards in her neighborhood telling the world about what she did to him.

I'd rather buy an expensive car and have sex with shameless women infront of the ex's house.   :D


Let's see.
He won $289K clear.

She cheated on him. She got the house -- probably nice since he was a well-paid union electrician -- and most of his life savings. All for a 4-year marriage hustle...and she didn't have to buy lotttery tickets. Who's supposed to be lucky?
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I think he should be a man about it and just give her the money.

Double Jeopardy

You are kidding, right?


I hope so...
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Yup, just kidding.

Although I've actually heard statements like that in my life from *actual* people.


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Although I've actually heard statements like that in my life from *actual* people.

Yep, I've heard the same things from people many times. Men are expected to "be a man", but no one tells women to "be a woman". :roll:
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I hope he hires an MRA attorney and sues the excrement out of the family courts for civil rights abuses.
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