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This story should be read to every son by his father and dissected because you can see this female phedophile use every female trick in the book!! :roll:  I think it would be a valuable lesson.



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August 1, 2004 -- Seattle teacher temptress Mary Kay Letourneau teased and taunted her schoolboy lover from behind bars, sending letters to him and his family boasting of a steamy sex romp with a prison guard and her flirtations with lesbian inmates.
The revelations of the bombshell letters, obtained by The Post, come only days before the blond-haired felon is due to be released after almost seven years in prison for her forbidden love affair with her 12-year-old student Vili Fualaau.

Some of the more than three dozen letters were smuggled out of the Washington Corrections Center for Women in baby bottles.

The former teacher, 42, also managed to sneak out at least five audio tapes to Fualaau - now 21 and the father of two children with Letourneau - that she recorded in a hushed voice under her bedcovers at night.

The letters and tapes are alternately tender and violent, romantic and hateful.

"I just want to be out and with you - and left alone," she writes. "To go to concerts by the sea again and hold my babies and lay in the sun ... and hear the quiet of the night and ... make love to that one person."

But when she found out that Fualaau was dating other women while she was locked up, she gave him an earful in a letter sent to his older brother, Fuave.


"F--- HIM, if he doesn't have more class than that ... I don't expect him to forget that he has a penis [he needs to remind her it's mine] but there are other ways ... he may as well spit in his babies' faces - and tell them 'Mommy's dead' too ... it's just not right."

As a registered Level 3 sex offender, Letourneau will be subject to routine polygraphs and drug testing when she's released Wednesday.

She's forbidden from making any contact with Fualaau and to date any man with minor children. Violating any of these conditions could send her back to prison.

She plans to settle in an undisclosed Seattle neighborhood and begin piecing her life together again.

Anne Bremner, a Seattle lawyer who spoke with the disgraced teacher in prison last week, told The Post that Letourneau is considering working as an advocate for incarcerated mothers.

She'd like to re-establish closer ties with her six children, including four by her marriage to her former husband, Steve, who's since remarried and divorced - Steven, now 19; Mary Claire, 17; Nick, 12; and Jackie, 10.

"She's been reflecting on her children and how they've suffered throughout this ordeal," the source said. "She wants to make things right."

Letourneau's relationship with Fualaau began in 1996, when she was 34, married with four children - and the sixth-grade teacher of the 12-year-old Fualaau.

After serving six months in jail when the couple's relationship was first discovered, Letourneau was locked up again when the two were found together in a parked car, violating a condition of her probation.

It was this same lifetime no-contact order that Letourneau violated again and again by sending letters to Fualaau.

As punishment, she was sent to segregated lockdown in the "hole" for more time than any other inmate in the institution's recent history.

The only person with the ability to lift that order is Fualaau - and while he told The Post last month that he's been "imagining and thinking about what our life would be like together for a long time," he's never made an effort to approach the court - prompting furious screeds from Letourneau.

"Today I heard you weren't going to court tomorrow," she said in one letter. "Why not? Did you give up? ... F--- you. Some f--king warrior. I'm fighting ... until I f--king die."

When the lashing-out didn't work, Letourneau tried other approaches, promising Fualaau more sex and a new car if he would only tell the judge that he forced himself on her.

Just before the bitter outburst above, she had been playing on Fualaau's emotions with breathy updates on her pregnancy with their second child, Georgia (now known as Alexis), who was born behind bars in October 1998.

"I miss you too much ... Each day my body changes. My breasts are so full and round and feminine. My hair is so long ... I know I look better [than] the prettiest you've ever seen me ... My tummy is growing every day and she [our dear one] is so strong and beautiful looking - PERFECT ... If they take her from me, I will die. She's all I have."

Her daughter, of course, was taken from her when she was born. Alexis, now 5, and sister Audrey, 7, have been raised by Fualaau's mom, Soona.

None of these setbacks got in the way of Letourneau's grand plan, though.

"We will be married," she wrote to him. "We will buy a house with our money ..."

Later, in another letter: "What I see in our married world: A huge movie library ... a special library with all of the greatest pieces of art in writing ... classics [for me to read to you ... and you can stare at my legs and dream, like the first days] ... A garden where wild flowers spring up at surprising times of the year ... maybe we'll want to plant a tree each year on an anniversary ... foreign trees that represent the countries that we visit ... an olive tree after we visit Greece ... palm trees when we visit distant tropical homes ... "

Signing off, she wrote "I LOVE YOU ... Big loves Big kisses Big f--ks Big sounds Big squeeze Big sigh Big missing you ... so so much. Hold on ... take me away."

Yet despite the many letters and recordings, Fualaau never once replied to her.

In one of the audio tapes, she says: "You are the smartest person in the world, and I'm the second smartest."

Letourneau was crafty enough to realize the value of her scandalous story.

"People pay big money for my autograph now," she wrote to Vili's brother, Fauve, "and new pictures are worth thousands. Don't throw away the end of my letter. You might be able to cash in on it somewhere."

Letourneau described Karen Taylor, her lesbian "protector" in prison, in a letter smuggled to Vili as having "[broad] shoulders and the biggest t-tties you've ever seen in your life. They should be in the Guenus [sic] book."

"I'm one of those that needs to be protected from the flaming gays here - there [sic] all over me - testing me ... girls are always fighting over each other. There's bets on who's gonna 'turn me out.'"

Two former inmates who knew Letourneau in prison claim she did end up having two lesbian relationships behind bars.

Aside from the lesbian games, Letourneau boasted of at least one steamy romp with a male correction officer.

"I fell into some crazy spell here, and I let this guy totally come on to me," she wrote to Fuave. "I let him even touch me ... more happened that you don't need to hear about.

"He's 23 years old, funny and smart and wild and strong," she continued. "I loved the way he talked about my body and all of me ... he's a f--king sexaholic and was having a fit we were having so much fun ... He was sitting on my back legs behind my butt once and giving me a back massage - then I felt this kiss on the side of my neck."
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What pisses me off about this case is what is glossed over (at best) by the press.  This woman was charged TWICE with molesting this same boy.  First she got some lame ass sentence and what did she do next?

She got caught with the SAME BOY again in a steamed up car (most likely f*cking away).  

She's an obsessed pedophile and got caught writing her victim letters.  And she's being let out of jaiL?!  Had not the press caught wind of this ... this story would have been forgotten and she would be free already.

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Some of the more than three dozen letters were smuggled out of the Washington Corrections Center for Women in baby bottles.

The former teacher, 42, also managed to sneak out at least five audio tapes to Fualaau - now 21 and the father of two children with Letourneau - that she recorded in a hushed voice under her bedcovers at night.

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