Violence Done by Women

Started by blackmanx, Oct 16, 2004, 06:37 PM

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The  Media  has  a  way  of  covering  the   violence  done  by  women  against men  and/ohildren.  Check  it  out.
y book, Men's Rights Activists.


The  western  world  seems  to   think  that  it's  ok   for  women  to  hurt  men.  It's  not  considered  violence  when  a woman  hurts  a  man.  It's  comedy.   When  a  man  hurts  a  woman,  it's  all   seen  as  serious.  It's
VAW  and  it's  oh-so  wrong  !  Puh-leeze.  Now,  I  am  not   advertising  violence  against  females  as  a  good  thing.  

I   am  not  into  beating  girls....unless  they  try  to  kill  me  or  something.    
 Self  defense  is  self  defense.  We  all   know   that  many  women  kill men.   Men  kill  women  too.  Women  can do  murder, play   victim  and  get  away  with  it  by  claiming  self  defense.    Men  who  kill  women  in  self  defense  are  automatically  seen  as bad.   Guess  what  ?

Men  can  kill.   Women  can  kill.   Women  get  away  with  murder  a  lot  more  than  men  can.   It's   how  society  has  been  built  these days.

When  will  Men  say  NO   ?
y book, Men's Rights Activists.

richard ford

Actualy, when I was going through this, the only real support I received was from a female ambulance crew member and a female police officer. The men were uniformly useless.

Women know what women are like!

The women on this board are great.

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