On ITV Tonight: Whose Baby?

Started by neonsamurai, Oct 25, 2004, 01:07 AM

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21:00   Whose Baby?
Emotive one-off drama about a single woman desperate for a baby who becomes pregnant without her boyfriend's knowledge and promptly ends the relationship, planning to bring her child up alone. However, once the realities of motherhood sink in, she contacts the CSA, who send a letter to the father informing him of his financial responsibilities. He is stunned to discover he has a child and decides he wants proper access to her - whatever it takes.

Starring Sophie Okonedo, Andrew Lincoln and Darren Tighe

Probably only of interest to people in the UK.

I don't know what spin they're going to put on this, but the premise sounds as if it's going to be a sympathetic look at it from the man's point of view. But don't hold your breath.

Unfortunately I won't be able to watch it tonight, but if anyone get's a chance I'd like to hear what you tihink about it.
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I actually managed to watch this last night and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

I'd expected a 'she is the real victim' kind of drama, but it turned out pretty well. There was even a homage to 'Fathers 4 Justice'!

What I quite enjoyed was how they portrayed the way that the mother didn't want the father to have anything to do with 'her' child. There was no logic in her arguement. Basically she'd been keeping the used condoms and was able to get pregnant by 'self administration'. Her defense was that the outcome was the same as a split condom and that they were both responsible for what had happened!?!?!?!!!?
Dr. Kathleen Dixon, the Director of Women's Studies: "We forbid any course that says we restrict free speech!"

dr e

Thanks for letting us know about this Neon.  This is huge.  Referring to F4J in any form other than attack is a sign that they are now being accepted as an important force with legitimate greivances.  That the mother was shown as underhanded (condoms) and openly selfish (not wanting the father to have anything to do with the child) shows that F4J has in a very short time made a big impact on the public awareness.

The fems must be steaming!  I love it!
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I recorded it, but not watched yet.


hi neon
i saw this the other night as well and since i have not seen my kids for over 2 years it was very relevent to me. you were quite right about the bias for once being for fathers. in fact if anyone saw the plot it would have been very difficult to spin it any other way.

i think it was the way the courtroom was portrayed that really got to me. i remembered thinking i wished i'd had the advice to go in and defend myself. for one i would argue with the devil and i wish the guy in the drama had prepared himself a little better, he still could have lost his argument but it would have been a good chance to tell the world some truths. still its a start and as i said a while back its the media we have to take back if we are going to make any headway.

because of f4j a lot of men in the media one by one will covertly start to empower themselves and start to be a little sneeky in the types of dramas that they write.
we men need more of this type of drama. does anyone know of any backlash from fems.
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